70+ Collar Bone Tattoos for Females: Discovering Feminine Elegance

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Collar bone tattoos for females have become a captivating trend, blending artistry with personal expression.

In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of these tattoos, offering insights, design inspirations, and practical advice to guide you on this inked journey.

Choosing the Perfect Design

Embarking on the journey of Collar Bone Tattoos for Females begins with selecting the perfect design.

From delicate flowers to intricate geometric patterns, the options are vast.

Let’s explore some enchanting design ideas that will adorn this elegant canvas.

Floral Elegance

Discover the timeless beauty of floral designs that gracefully wrap around the collar bone, blending femininity and nature-inspired artistry.

Geometric Precision

For a modern and chic look, delve into the world of geometric patterns. Lines and shapes can create a mesmerizing visual effect, accentuating the natural curves of the collar bone.

Celestial Charm

Explore the cosmos with celestial themed tattoos. Moon phases, stars, and galaxies can add a touch of mystery and cosmic allure to this intimate space.

Table of Contents

70+ Collar Bone Tattoos for Females: In Focus

Intricate collar bone tattoo designs a feminine expression of elegance - Collar Bone Tattoos for Females

Embarking on the journey of getting a collar bone tattoo for females is a unique experience.

It involves more than choosing a design; it’s a deeply personal decision that intertwines art with self-expression.

1] ‘thankful’ Script Lettering Tattoo: Gratitude Reminder

'Thankful' script lettering calligraphy tattoo on the collarbone, an expression of appreciation gratitude reminder


A ‘thankful’ script lettering calligraphy tattoo on the collarbone is a graceful expression of gratitude.

The elegant script adds a touch of refinement to the word, creating a visually pleasing and meaningful collarbone tattoo that serves as a constant reminder of appreciation.

2] Delicate Vine Accent on the Collarbone: Vine Whispers

A delicate vine accent on the collarbone, tracing the lovely bones vine whispers


An enchanting collarbone tattoo features a delicate vine accent, offering a subtle and artistic embellishment.

The vine gracefully traces along the collarbone, creating an elegant and feminine touch.

This beautiful tattoo invites you to “Trace Your Lovely Bones,” celebrating the natural curves of the collarbone with an organic and stylish design.

The simplicity of the vine adds a clean and timeless aesthetic, making it a lovely and meaningful adornment for the collarbone.

3] ‘Believe in Your Wings’ Lettering with Butterfly: Winged Belief

'believe in your wings' lettering collarbone tattoo with a beautiful butterfly, a motivational and artistic piece winged belief


A beautifully scripted tattoo adorns the collarbone, spelling out the words ‘Believe in your wings.’

The lettering is delicately and smoothly executed in a beautiful font, adding an elegant touch to the collarbone.

At the end of the lettering, a butterfly emerges, symbolizing transformation and freedom.

This tattoo combines empowering words with a visual metaphor, creating a gracefully inspiring and visually appealing piece of body art.

4] Peacock Feather Collarbone Tattoo: Colorful Plumage

Peacock feather collarbone tattoo, a beautiful burst of colors for women colorful plumage


An exquisite collarbone tattoo for women showcases the intricate beauty of a peacock feather.

This design is not only beautiful but also bursts with vibrant colors, capturing the essence of the peacock’s iridescent plumage.

The detailed feather, gracefully positioned on the collarbone, becomes a stunning and symbolic adornment.

This tattoo celebrates both the aesthetic appeal and the symbolism associated with peacock feathers, making it a captivating choice for those seeking a colorful and meaningful design.

5] ‘You Go Girl’ Bold Inspiration Collarbone Tattoo

'You go girl' small yet impactful collarbone tattoo bold inspiration


A bold and empowering statement, “YOU GO GIRL,” is tattooed in small font on the collarbone.

This tattoo serves as a daily affirmation, encouraging confidence and strength.

The simplicity of the bold lettering adds to the impact, making it a powerful and motivational collarbone tattoo.

6] Minimalistic Two-Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo: Butterfly Duo

Minimalistic two butterfly collarbone tattoo, graceful and feminine butterfly duo


A minimalistic and elegant collarbone tattoo features two delicate butterflies, adding a touch of whimsy and grace.

Positioned on the collarbone, this design is understated yet impactful.

The minimalism of two butterflies creates a sense of balance and simplicity, emphasizing the beauty of these ethereal creatures.

This tattoo serves as a subtle and charming adornment, highlighting the clavicle with a symbol of transformation and beauty.

7] Fine Line Tattoo on the Right Side: Ethereal Fairies

Fine line collarbone tattoo on the right side for a whimsical aura ethereal fairies


Delicately etched on the right side of the collarbone, a fine line fairies tattoo creates a whimsical and enchanting tableau.

The intricate details of the fairies are captured with precision in fine lines, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the collarbone area.

This tattoo is a celebration of fantasy and femininity, with each fairy telling its own unique story in the delicate strokes of ink.

8] Playful Black and Grey Chubby Chickadee Tattoo: Chirpy Charm

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Chubby chickadee tattoo on the collarbone, a playful black and grey art chirpy charm


A delightful black and grey tattoo features a chubby chickadee perched gracefully on the collarbone.

The detailed feathers and the adorable demeanor of the chickadee are brought to life with subtle shades of black and grey ink.

This tattoo captures the charm of nature in a small yet impactful design.

Positioned on the collarbone, it becomes a whimsical and personal adornment, symbolizing the beauty of simplicity and the joy found in the natural world.

9] Small Heartbeat Tattoo on Collarbone: Subtle Elegance

Small black filled heart tattoo nestled on the collarbone for subtle elegance tiny heartbeat


A small heart, delicately filled with black ink, is tattooed on the collarbone.

This minimalist design symbolizes love and passion.

The simplicity of the black-filled heart complements the collarbone’s natural curvature, creating an understated yet meaningful tattoo.

10] ‘I Have a Dream, a Song to Sing’ Script Tattoo: Melodic Dreams

'i have a dream, a song to sing' script tattoo on collarbone, capturing lyrics in ink melodic dreams


Gracefully written in delicate script, the words ‘I have a dream, a song to sing’ form an elegant lettering tattoo on the collarbone.

The handwriting style adds a personal touch, creating a visual representation of dreams and aspirations.

Placed on the collarbone, this tattoo becomes a poetic and inspirational reminder, blending the beauty of language with the body’s natural contours.

11] Purple Flower and Elegant “Hana” Name on Collarbone: “Hana” Blooms

Purple flower and elegant "hana" name tattoo on the collarbone for a personal touch "hana" blooms


A personalized and vibrant collarbone tattoo features the name “Hana” alongside a beautiful purple flower.

This tattoo is not just a visual delight but also carries a personal touch, with “Hana” being a name.

The colorful flower, rendered in exquisite detail, adds a burst of vibrancy to the design.

Placed on the collarbone, this tattoo becomes a unique and meaningful expression, combining the beauty of a name with the allure of a flourishing flower.

12] ‘Heavenly’ Word Lettering with Tiny Heart: Heavenly Affirmation

'heavenly' word lettering tattoo on collarbone with a tiny heart, subtle and sweet heavenly affirmation


A delicate and meaningful tattoo graces the collarbone, featuring the word ‘Heavenly’ in elegant text.

Accompanying this, a small, tiny heart is filled with rich black color, adding a subtle but profound touch to the design.

The combination of the word and the heart creates a harmonious and visually striking composition.

This tattoo, situated on the collarbone, serves as a gentle reminder of celestial beauty and the depth of emotions.

13] Creative Dual Snake Tattoos on Collarbone: Twin Serpent Embrace

Collarbone artistry with creative dual snake tattoos for a bold statement twin serpent embrace


An imaginative and creative tattoo unfolds on each collarbone for a female, showcasing two snakes.

These Twin Snake tattoos are remarkably similar, creating a harmonious and symmetrical effect.

The intricate details of the snakes, wrapped around each collarbone, add a touch of mystique and symbolism.

This tattoo not only embodies the allure of snakes but also serves as a powerful and visually striking expression of duality and balance.

Placed on the collarbones, it becomes a captivating and artistic piece of body art.

14] Very Tiny Collarbone Flight: Side View Butterfly

Very tiny butterfly outline on the collarbone: side view flight


Delicacy meets elegance with a very tiny and small outline butterfly tattoo on the collarbone.

The butterfly, in side view, appears to be gracefully in flight, emphasizing the collarbone’s natural curves.

This minimalist design adds a touch of beauty and subtlety, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a discreet yet meaningful collarbone tattoo.

15] Fineline Sun Tattoo on the Collarbone: Solar Elegance

Fineline sun tattoo on collarbone, a minimalistic and chic accent solar elegance


An artful depiction of the sun in fine line detail decorates the collarbone.

The intricate lines capture the radiance and warmth of the sun in a minimalist and sophisticated design.

Placed on the collarbone, this tattoo becomes a symbolic representation of light, positivity, and vitality.

The fine line work adds a touch of elegance to the celestial theme, creating a visually appealing and subtly impactful adornment.

16] Elegant Wing Tattoo on the Collarbone: Angelic Elegance

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Elegant wing tattoo adorning the collarbone, a subtle celestial grace angelic elegance


An elegant pair of wings graces the collarbone in the form of an angel wings tattoo.

The design showcases the graceful curvature of feathers, creating a sense of ethereal beauty.

Placed on the collarbone, the tattoo becomes a subtle yet impactful symbol of freedom, spirituality, or personal growth.

The elegance of the wings is accentuated by their placement, making it a sophisticated and timeless piece of body art.

17] Angel Shooting Arrow Collarbone Tattoo: Celestial Archery

Angel shooting arrow tattoo on collarbone, symmetrical and angelically aligned celestial archery


An exquisite tattoo graces both collarbones, featuring an angel gracefully shooting an arrow.

This design is perfectly symmetrical, ensuring balance and harmony.

The angelic figure, with wings outstretched, adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the collarbones.

The tattoo is meticulously mirrored on both sides, creating a stunning and synchronized visual impact.

This inked adornment becomes a captivating expression of divine symmetry and celestial grace.

18] Beautifully Shaded Leaves Collarbone Tattoo: Elegant Foliage

Beautifully shaded leaves tattoo on the collarbone, a clean and cute accent elegant foliage


A beautiful and charming tattoo adorns the collarbone, featuring intricately detailed leaves with subtle shading.

This cute and clean design showcases the delicate veins of the leaves and the artful use of shading to add depth.

Placed on the collarbone, the tattoo becomes a graceful and nature-inspired adornment.

The clean lines and careful detailing make it a visually pleasing and refined piece of body art, celebrating the beauty of nature.

19] Tiny Black Ink Dragons on the Collarbone: Dragons Trio

Tiny black ink dragons tattoo on the collarbone, each unique and delightful dragons trio


A mesmerizing black and grey tattoo showcases three tiny dragons, each positioned above the other.

This artistic piece, inked in black, creates a captivating visual narrative with the dragons ascending in a stacked formation.

Despite their size, the intricate details of the dragons are beautifully captured, adding a touch of mystique and fantasy.

This tattoo is a testament to creativity and imagination, making it a unique and bold choice for those drawn to the allure of mythical creatures.

20] Graceful Collarbone Ink: ‘Metanoia’ Word Tattoo

Word lettering tattoo gracefully on the collarbone: 'metanoia'


Embrace transformation with a ‘metanoia’ word lettering tattoo elegantly scripted on the collarbone.

The delicate placement and graceful lettering add a touch of sophistication to this meaningful piece.

‘metanoia,’ representing a change of heart or mind, becomes a constant reminder of growth and self-discovery.

Let your collarbone carry the beauty of profound change.

21] ‘Just Count on Yourself’ Collarbone: Empowering Lettering

Empowering collarbone lettering: 'Just count on yourself'


Empower your spirit with a ‘Just count on yourself’ word lettering tattoo gracing your collarbone.

The delicate script serves as a constant reminder of self-reliance, encouraging resilience and inner strength.

This collarbone tattoo becomes a personal mantra, inspiring confidence and independence.

22] Subtle Script on Collarbone: ‘always and forever’

Subtle script with an outline on the collarbone: 'Always and forever'


Embrace timeless sentiments with a delicate ‘always and forever’ script lettering tattoo on your collarbone.

The clean design exudes simplicity, while a small outline tattoo following ‘forever’ adds a touch of personalization.

This collarbone tattoo symbolizes enduring commitment and everlasting bonds.

23] Delicate Collarbone Touch: Tiny Heart Outline

A delicate touch on the collarbone: tiny heart outline


Infuse simplicity and charm with a small, tiny outline heart tattoo delicately placed on the collarbone.

The minimalistic design speaks volumes, expressing love and elegance in the most understated way.

This subtle adornment on the collarbone adds a touch of sweetness to your aesthetic.

24] ‘Mom and Dad’ Heart Collarbone Tattoo: Stylish Tribute

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Mom and dad tattoo with heart accent on the collarbone: stylish tribute


A stylish and heartfelt tribute adorns the collarbone, showcasing a tattoo that reads “Mom” and “Dad.”

The design incorporates a creative twist by replacing the first “M” in Mom with a heart, adding a touch of love and symbolism.

Below this, the word “Dad” completes the tattoo.

This stylish collarbone tattoo becomes a meaningful and visually appealing representation of familial love and connection.

25] Elegant Collarbone Ink: ‘Blessed’ Rose Theme

Rose-adorned elegance: 'blessed' theme collarbone tattoo


Unveil a tale of gratitude with a collarbone tattoo featuring the word ‘Blessed,’ where the ‘d’ elegantly transforms into the stem of a rose.

This black work ink masterpiece not only signifies blessings but also encapsulates the beauty that arises from gratitude.

Let your collarbone narrate a story of thankfulness and grace.

26] Delicate Leafy Collarbone Tattoo: Leafy Whimsy

Delicate leafy collarbone tattoo, a natureinspired feminine design leafy whimsy


A delicately designed collarbone tattoo for women showcases an intricate arrangement of leaves.

This leaf tattoo, with its fine detailing and graceful curvature, creates a delicate and nature-inspired adornment for the collarbone.

The leaves, meticulously rendered, celebrate the beauty of foliage in a minimalist and elegant design.

Placed on the collarbone, this tattoo adds a touch of natural charm to the wearer’s aesthetic.

27] Cute ‘Gałązki’ Tattoo on Collarbone: Nature’s Whisper

Cute little 'gałązki' tattoo on the collarbone, a subtle branching accent nature's whisper


A cute little ‘gałązki’ (branches) tattoo on the collarbone introduces a nature-inspired and delicate design.

This collarbone tattoo may symbolize growth, connection, and the beauty found in the smallest elements of the natural world.

28] Light Collarbone Message: ‘Stay Strong’ Bold Font

Light-bold font lettering on the collarbone: 'Stay strong'


Inscribe ‘Stay Strong’ in a font that balances lightness and boldness for a captivating collarbone tattoo.

This tattoo not only communicates resilience but does so with a touch of elegance.

Let the words ‘Stay Strong’ on your collarbone echo as a daily source of encouragement and determination.

29] Floral Blackwork Collarbone Tattoo: Botanical Beauty

Floral blackwork collarbone tattoo, a delicate and intricate design botanical beauty


A striking blackwork tattoo adorns the collarbone with an intricate floral design.

Delicate petals, vines, or botanical elements are meticulously inked to create a captivating and artistic composition.

The blackwork style adds depth and contrast to the floral pattern, making it an elegant and bold statement on the collarbone.

This tattoo serves as a fusion of nature and artistry, enhancing the collarbone’s contours with a timeless and visually striking design.

30] Inspirational Collarbone Lettering: ‘You Can, You Will’

Inspirational collarbone lettering: 'You can, you will'


Adorn your collarbone with an uplifting mantra—’you can, you will.’

This inspirational word lettering tattoo serves as a constant motivator, a reminder of your capability and determination.

Let the collarbone be a canvas for encouragement, celebrating the strength within.

31] Black and Grey Koi Collarbone Tattoo: Lil’ Fish Details

Black and grey koi tattoo on the collarbone: lil' fish details


A captivating tattoo adorns the collarbone, featuring a detailed black and grey depiction of a koi fish.

The tattoo offers a top view of the fish, showcasing its intricate patterns and scales.

The choice of black and grey ink adds depth and realism to the design, creating a visually stunning and meaningful collarbone tattoo.

This tattoo becomes a symbol of strength, courage, and beauty for the wearer.

32] Stunning Pisces Constellation Collarbone Tattoo: Celestial Whispers

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Stunning pisces constellation collarbone tattoo for a subtle cosmic charm celestial whispers


A captivating and petite tattoo graces the left side of the collarbone for a female, featuring the Pisces constellation.

This stunning piece blends artistry with astrological significance, presenting the constellation with delicate precision.

The small size enhances its elegance, creating a subtle yet eye-catching adornment.

Positioned on the collarbone, it becomes a celestial and personal statement, showcasing the wearer’s connection to the stars and their zodiac sign.

33] Flying Butterflies and Sparkle Collarbone: Radiant Flutter

Flying butterflies and sparkle tattoo on the collarbone, small butterflies surrounded by stars fluttering radiance


A small and delicate tattoo featuring flying butterflies and sparkling stars on the collarbone creates a magical and ethereal design.

The collarbone placement allows for a subtle yet enchanting portrayal of the butterflies and stars, symbolizing transformation and beauty.

34] Extra Delicate Fine Line Rose Collarbone: Botanical Elegance

Extra delicate fine line rose on the collarbone: botanical elegance


An extra delicate and finely detailed rose graces the collarbone, showcasing the artistry of botanical tattoos.

This fine line rose, with its intricate petals and graceful stem, adds a touch of timeless beauty to the collarbone.

The delicacy of the design enhances the natural contours of the collarbone, making it a stunning and sophisticated expression of floral elegance.

35] Simple Bat Tattoo on the Collarbone: Nocturnal Whispers

Simple bat tattoo on the collarbone, a bold blackwork statement nocturnal whispers


A minimalist bat tattoo, rendered in blackwork ink, rests subtly on the collarbone of a woman.

The simplicity of the design allows for a clean and sleek aesthetic.

The bat, though small, adds an element of mystery and symbolism.

Placed on the collarbone, it becomes a discreet yet intriguing piece of body art, hinting at the wearer’s affinity for the enigmatic and the nocturnal.

36] Detailed Collarbone Tattoo: Clean Scorpion Precision

Detailed tattoo on the collarbone: clean scorpion precision


A bold and clean tattoo adorns the collarbone, featuring a detailed and striking scorpion.

This tattoo is meticulously crafted, showcasing the scorpion’s intricate features with precision.

The clean lines and attention to detail add an element of fierceness and sophistication to the collarbone.

This scorpion tattoo becomes a powerful and visually compelling symbol for the wearer, expressing strength and resilience.

37] Heart Shaped Sea Wave Tattoo: Ocean’s Embrace

Heart-shaped sea wave tattoo on the collarbone, a symbol of fluid love ocean's embrace


A heart shaped sea wave tattoo on the collarbone combines the symbol of love with the dynamic energy of the ocean.

This creative design represents a deep connection to the sea and the waves of emotion that love can bring.

The collarbone placement ensures a visually striking and unique tattoo.

38] ‘Smile Now, Cry Later’ Collarbone Ink: Feminine Dualism

Smile now, cry later on the collarbone: feminine dualism


A captivating and emotionally expressive tattoo adorns the collarbone, showcasing the classic “Smile Now Cry Later” theme.

This feminine tattoo is intricately detailed, portraying a theatrical mask with a smiling expression on one side and a crying expression on the other.

The placement on the collarbone adds a touch of sophistication to the design, making it a visually striking and emotionally charged collarbone tattoo for the modern woman.

39] Small Cute Collarbone Tattoo: Star Embraced Smiley

Small cute tattoo on the collarbone: star embraced smiley


Adding a touch of playfulness to the collarbone, a small and cute tattoo features a smiley face with an outline of a star inside.

This charming design combines the iconic smiley face with a celestial element, creating a delightful and unique tattoo.

The small size and placement on the collarbone make it an understated yet whimsical expression of joy and positivity.

40] Bold Collarbone Statement: ‘FA;TH’ Word Tattoo

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Bold word tattoo centered on the collarbone: 'fa:th'


Craft a unique statement with the ‘FA;TH’ word text lettering tattoo on the middle of the collarbone.

The inclusion of a semicolon in place of ‘i’ holds profound meaning, representing a continuation rather than an ending.

This tattoo not only celebrates faith but also resilience and the beauty of a story still unfolding.

Wear your story on your collarbone with pride.

41] Collarbone Seize-the-Day: ‘Carpe Diem’ Meaning

Seizing the day with meaning on the collarbone: 'carpe diem'


Seize the day with a ‘Carpe Diem’ handwriting word lettering tattoo adorning your collarbone.

The elegant script serves as a daily reminder to embrace the present moment and live life to the fullest.

This meaningful tattoo on the collarbone beautifully captures the essence of seizing opportunities.

42] Side View Perspective Collarbone Ink: Tiny Turtle Silhouette

Collarbone tattoo with a side view perspective: tiny turtle silhouette


A delicate and symbolic tattoo graces the collarbone, featuring a tiny outline of a turtle in a side view.

The intricately detailed tattoo captures the essence of the turtle with clean lines and minimalism.

The choice of the collarbone as the placement enhances the subtlety of the design.

This tiny turtle tattoo becomes a charming and meaningful expression, symbolizing longevity, resilience, and a connection to the natural world.

43] Sunflower, Aster, and Hawthorne Collarbone Adornment: Floral Trio

Sunflower, aster, and hawthorne collarbone adornment for a feminine touch floral trio


A breathtaking collarbone tattoo for females features the harmonious combination of a sunflower, aster, and hawthorn.

This botanical ensemble is a celebration of nature’s beauty and carries unique symbolism.

The sunflower symbolizes adoration, the aster represents elegance, and the hawthorn signifies hope.

This exquisite arrangement on the collarbone serves as a stunning and meaningful adornment, combining vibrant floral elements in a captivating display of femininity.

44] ‘Hope’ Tattoo with Small Colorful Rose: Whispers of Hope

Collarbone tattoo with 'hope' word, small colorful rose, and an artful extension in cursive lettering whispers of hope


The word “Hope” is elegantly inked on the collarbone, with a small and colorful rose tattoo accompanying it.

The cursive lettering of “Hope” flows gracefully, and the extension of a rose next to the word adds a touch of vibrancy and beauty.

This tattoo is not only a visual delight but also a powerful symbol of optimism and resilience.

45] Feather Tattoo on Collarbone: Feathers of Creativity

Detailed and creative black shaded feather tattoo on the collarbone feathers of creativity


A creatively detailed feather tattoo, shaded in black, adorns the collarbone.

This intricate design captures the delicate beauty of a feather, symbolizing freedom and spiritual growth.

The collarbone placement accentuates the elegant and refined nature of this artistic feather tattoo.

46] Three Little Birds Side View Tattoo: Melodic Trio

3 little birds side view tattoo on the collarbone, a musical and meaningful design melodic trio


A side view of three little birds tattooed on the collarbone captures the essence of freedom and simplicity.

This minimalist design adds a touch of nature to the collarbone area, symbolizing positivity and the promise of a brighter future.

47] Little Rose Plant Collarbone Tattoo: Rosy Delight

Little rose plant tattoo on the collarbone for a dainty and elegant look rosy delight


A petite yet captivating tattoo graces the collarbone of a female, featuring a delicate rose plant.

This intricate design incorporates the beauty of roses and foliage, creating a harmonious and nature-inspired adornment.

The placement on the collarbone adds a touch of elegance, accentuating the natural curves of the body.

The little collarbone rose plant tattoo is a symbol of beauty, growth, and the enduring grace found in the simplicity of nature.

48] Parrot on Wooden Structure Collarbone Tattoo: Tropical Charm

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Parrot perched on a small wooden structure tattoo on the collarbone, featuring red beak and fineline outline tropical charm


A charming scene unfolds on the collarbone as a parrot perches on a small wooden surface.

The tattoo features a red-beaked parrot with a fine black outline, creating a visually appealing and detailed composition.

This tattoo brings a touch of nature and vibrant colors to the collarbone area.

49] Script ‘Love Yourz’ on Collarbone: Self Love Proclamation

Gorgeous script 'Love Yourz' tattoo on the collarbone, stylishly empowering self-love proclamation


A gorgeous script ‘Love Yourz’ tattoo on the collarbone, written in a stylish font, is a reminder to appreciate and love one’s own life.

The collarbone placement allows for a sophisticated and visually appealing presentation of this uplifting message.

50] Simple Red and Black Collarbone Tattoo: Two Hearts Harmony

Simple thin lined red and black collarbone tattoo: two hearts harmony


A minimalist and charming tattoo graces the collar, featuring two simple hearts with very thin lines.

One heart is inked in a striking red color, while the other is elegantly outlined in black.

The contrast between the colors adds depth and visual interest to this subtle yet meaningful collar tattoo.

The simplicity of the design enhances its beauty, creating a delicate and stylish expression of love or personal significance.

51] ‘Patience’ Cursive Lettering Tattoo: Virtue in Ink

'Patience' cursive lettering handwriting tattoo on the collarbone with a delicate font virtue in ink


The word “Patience” is elegantly tattooed in cursive lettering on the collarbone.

The very thin font adds a touch of delicacy to this collarbone tattoo.

“Patience” serves as a reminder of calmness and endurance, beautifully expressed through the graceful curvature of the cursive letters.

52] ‘Cause I Deserve It’ Word Tattoo: Self-Love Anthem

'Cause i deserve it' word lettering tattoo gracing the collarbone self love anthem


The phrase “‘Cause I Deserve It” is boldly tattooed on the collarbone, emphasizing self-worth and empowerment.

The choice of a strong and assertive font adds impact to this collarbone tattoo.

It’s a declaration of deserving positivity and self-love.

53] ‘Moon Light’ Word with Floral Tattoo: Celestial Elegance

'moon light' word text tattoo on the collarbone with colorful flower accents, a celestial composition lunar elegance


The ‘Moon Light’ word text tattoo on the collarbone, accompanied by a colorful flower tattoo, creates a visually stunning and symbolic design.

The black work ink of the words contrasts beautifully with the vibrant colors of the flowers.

This collarbone tattoo may symbolize the beauty of the night illuminated by moonlight.

54] ‘Be Yourself’ Word Tattoo: Authentic Expression

'Be yourself' meaningful word tattoo on the collarbone with no spaces, crafted in handwriting font authentic expression


The meaningful phrase “Be Yourself” is tattooed on the collarbone without spaces between the words, creating a seamless and continuous message.

The handwriting font adds a personal touch, emphasizing the importance of authenticity.

This collarbone tattoo serves as a constant reminder to embrace one’s true self.

55] Handwritten Collarbone Tattoo: ‘Amor Fati’ Thin Font

Thin-font handwriting tattoo on the collarbone: 'amor fati'


Express profound acceptance and love for fate with the delicate ‘Amor Fati’ tattoo on your collarbone.

In a thin, elegant font, this word lettering tattoo embodies the philosophy of embracing and cherishing every aspect of your journey.

Let it be a constant reminder to love and accept your destiny.

56] Simple Collarbone Butterfly, Moon, and Stars: Celestial Whispers

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Simple collarbone butterfly, moon, and stars small tattoo, a cosmic adornment celestial whispers


A simple collarbone tattoo featuring a butterfly, moon, and stars creates a celestial and delicate design.

The butterfly symbolizes transformation, the moon represents change, and the stars add a touch of magic.

This combination on the collarbone creates an ethereal and meaningful piece of body art.

57] Bastet Outline Tattoo on Collarbone: Egyptian Grace

Bastet tattoo on the collarbone, side view minimal outline of the egyptian goddess


A minimal outline side view of Bastet, the Egyptian goddess, on the collarbone is a graceful and mystical choice.

This tattoo captures the essence of ancient Egyptian symbolism with a minimalist and modern twist.

The collarbone placement adds an elegant touch to this divine design.

58] Tiny Love Heart on Collarbone: Dainty Love Beacon

Tiny small love heart tattoo on the collarbone, a delicate symbol of affection dainty love beacon


A tiny love heart tattoo on the collarbone is a classic and timeless choice.

This minimalist design accentuates the natural curves of the collarbone, symbolizing love and affection.

The simplicity of the tiny heart adds an elegant and subtle touch to this romantic tattoo.

59] ‘Balance’ Word Tattoo on Collarbone: Celestial Harmony

'Balance' word tattoo on the collarbone with a crescent moon replacing the letter 'c' celestial harmony


The word “BALANCE” is creatively inked on the middle of the collarbone.

Adding a unique twist, the letter ‘c’ in “BALANCE” is replaced with a crescent moon tattoo.

The thin font and the celestial element make this collarbone tattoo a harmonious and visually intriguing piece.

60] ‘You’ve Got This’ Calligraphy Tattoo: Self Encouragement

'You’ve got this' calligraphy tattoo on the collarbone, a daily motivation self-encouragement ink


A ‘You’ve got this’ calligraphy tattoo on the collarbone serves as a motivational and uplifting reminder.

The elegant calligraphy adds a touch of sophistication to the empowering message.

This collarbone tattoo is a personal mantra, encouraging resilience and self-belief.

61] Thin ‘Aimer’ Tattoo on Collarbone: Aiming for Grace

Thin 'aimer' tattoo in cute and elegant font at the middle of the collarbone aiming for grace


A subtle and cute “Aimer” (French for “to love”) tattoo graces the middle of the collarbone.

The thin and delicate font adds to its charm. This collarbone tattoo is a discreet yet meaningful expression of love, adding a touch of romance to the neckline.

62] ‘two of Two’ Stylish Tattoo on Collarbone: Pair Perfection

Little stylish 'two of Two' word lettering tattoo on the collarbone, a unique connection pair perfection


A little and stylish ‘Two of Two’ word lettering tattoo on the collarbone may symbolize a significant relationship or partnership.

The minimalist lettering adds a modern and chic element to this collarbone tattoo, making it a subtle expression of connection and companionship.

63] Traditional Elegance: 3D Butterfly on Collarbone

Traditional tattoo: 3d butterfly elegance on the collarbone


Elevate your style with a traditional yet mesmerizing 3D butterfly tattoo delicately inked on the collarbone.

The intricate details bring the butterfly to life, adding a touch of grace and vibrancy to this timeless piece.

Positioned on the collarbone, it’s a stunning choice that seamlessly combines classic artistry with contemporary flair.

64] Daughter’s Name ‘Adelina Grace’ Tattoo: Maternal Tribute

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Daughter’s name 'Adelina Grace' word text lettering tattoo on the collarbone maternal tribute


A mother’s tribute, the ‘Adelina Grace’ word text lettering tattoo on the collarbone is a beautiful way to immortalize a daughter’s name.

The script lettering adds a personal and sentimental touch, making this collarbone tattoo a cherished declaration of maternal love.

65] ‘This Girl Can’ Stylish Text on Collarbone: Girl Power Vibe

'this girl can' stylish handwriting text lettering tattoo on the collarbone, a bold affirmation girl power vibe


A ‘This Girl Can’ tattoo in stylish handwriting on the collarbone is a bold and empowering statement.

The elegant script adds a touch of sophistication, emphasizing the wearer’s strength and confidence.

This collarbone tattoo serves as a reminder of resilience and capability.

66] Panda with Flower on Collarbone: Playful Panda Whimsy

Girly cute little panda with flower tattoo design on the collarbone, a playful expression panda whimsy


A girly and cute little panda with a flower tattoo on the collarbone is an adorable and whimsical choice.

This design combines the charm of a panda with the delicacy of flowers, creating a sweet and visually appealing collarbone tattoo.

67] Minimalist Dragon Tattoo on Collarbone: Dragon Whispers

Minimalist dragon tattoo on the collarbone, a mythical mark of elegance dragon whispers


A minimalist dragon tattoo on the collarbone introduces an element of mythical charm.

This sleek design captures the essence of a dragon in a subtle and artistic manner.

The collarbone placement allows for a discreet yet intriguing portrayal of this legendary creature.

68] ‘This too shall pass’ Collarbone Tattoo: Resilience Reminder

'this too shall pass' text lettering tattoo on the collarbone, a reminder of resilience transient wisdom


A ‘this too shall pass’ text lettering tattoo on the collarbone serves as a poignant reminder of impermanence and the resilience to overcome challenges.

The collarbone placement adds a touch of intimacy to this powerful and uplifting message.

69] Super Tiny Hammer Tattoo: Symbol of Strength

Super tiny hammer tattoo on the collarbone, a miniature emblem of power tool of strength


A super tiny hammer tattoo on the collarbone is a unique and understated choice.

This small yet impactful design may hold personal significance, symbolizing strength, craftsmanship, or the ability to shape one’s destiny.

The collarbone placement ensures that the tattoo remains discreet yet powerful.

70] Flying Bird Side View Collarbone Tattoo: Free as a Bird

Flying bird side view tattoo on the collarbone, a small and simple avian accent free as a bird


A small and simple side view of a flying bird tattoo on the collarbone represents freedom and adventure.

This minimalist design adds a touch of grace to the collarbone area, creating a subtle yet visually appealing tattoo.

71] ‘Serendipity’ Thin Line Text Tattoo: Elegant Reminder

Thin line 'serendipity' word lettering tattoo on the collarbone, an elegant serendipitous reminder serendipitous charm


A thin line ‘Serendipity’ word lettering tattoo on the collarbone adds an element of whimsy and unexpected joy.

The delicate script and thin lines create an elegant and understated collarbone tattoo, symbolizing the beauty of serendipitous moments.

72] Panther Silhouette on Collarbone: Bold Feline Presence

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Black silhouette of panther tattoo on the collarbone, a bold and striking design panther silhouette


The black silhouette of a panther tattoo on the collarbone embodies strength and stealth.

Panthers are symbols of courage and power.

This collarbone tattoo, with its sleek and minimalistic design, captures the essence of the panther’s grace and prowess.


Can I still get a collar bone tattoo if I have a low pain tolerance?

Absolutely! Communication with your tattoo artist is key. They can adapt their technique to accommodate your pain tolerance, ensuring a positive experience.

How much does a collar bone tattoo hurt?

Tattoo pain varies from person to person. While the collar bone is a sensitive area, many find the pain manageable.

Choosing a skilled artist and practicing proper aftercare can alleviate discomfort.

How long does it take for a collar bone tattoo to heal?

Floral blackwork collarbone tattoo, a delicate and intricate design botanical beauty

On average, collar bone tattoos take about 2 to 4 weeks to heal. Following the aftercare instructions provided by your artist is crucial for a smooth healing process.

What are the popular symbols for collar bone tattoos?

Popular symbols include hearts, feathers, birds, and meaningful quotes. These designs offer a blend of aesthetics and personal significance.

Can I showcase my collar bone tattoo in professional settings?

Collar bone tattoos are easily concealable, making them suitable for professional environments. Opt for clothing that covers the tattoo if needed, and let your ink shine in more casual settings.

Are collar bone tattoos suitable for all ages?

Yes, collar bone tattoos are versatile and can be embraced at any age. The key is to choose a design that resonates with you and fits your personal style.

Best Tattoo Design On Collarbone For Girls Video

Elegant collar bone tattoo designs for lasting impressions timeless beauty


Collar bone tattoos for females are not just ink on skin; they are statements of identity, elegance, and personal stories.

Embrace the beauty of self-expression and adorn your collar bone with a tattoo that speaks volumes about who you are.

As you consider adorning this delicate space, remember, it’s not just about the design; it’s about embracing and celebrating the elegance that defines you.

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