Best 70+ Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

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Tattoo culture is on the rise nowadays, which has held significance since the old times.

The practice of inking started with indigenous tribes around several parts of the world due to myriad reasons.

But now, it is seen more as a personal form of expression and body art.

Not only youngsters but adults as well are attracted to tattoos.

It is interesting to note that different tattoo designs hold different significance.

Butterfly designs are the most common designs that tattoo enthusiasts like to go for, especially women.

Seeing the popularity of butterfly designs, we decided to bring to you the best blue butterfly tattoo ideas for women to enhance your personality even more.

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70+ Best Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Women with Meaning

Best Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Women With Meaning

1] Blue Butterfly Arm Sleeve Tattoo: Artistic Flutter

Female Blue Butterfly Tattoo Arm Sleeve with image


Make a bold statement with a striking blue butterfly arm sleeve tattoo.

This intricate design covers your arm with vibrant colors and detailed patterns, symbolizing transformation and freedom.

Discover the allure and beauty of a blue butterfly arm sleeve tattoo for females.

2] 3D Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Vivid Chest Elegance

3d chest tattoo blue butterfly artistry for women


Elevate your chest with 3D chest tattoo artistry—a stunning blue butterfly.

This design showcases your appreciation for artistic expression and the allure of butterflies.

As it graces your chest, it becomes a bold statement of your unique style.

3] Blue Butterfly Side Hip Tattoo: Feminine Elegance

Feminine grace blue butterfly side hip tattoo for women

If you’re looking for a feminine and alluring tattoo, consider a blue butterfly on your side hip.

This placement accentuates your curves and adds an element of mystique.

The butterfly symbolizes the beauty that emerges from within, reminding you of your inner strength and transformation.

4] Single Butterfly Tattoo with Subtle Elegance: Subtle Neck Charm

Simple Single Butterfly Tattoo on Back of the Neck


Enhance the back of your neck with a simple and delicate single butterfly tattoo.

This minimalist design captures the essence of freedom and grace, creating a subtle yet captivating statement.

Explore the beauty and symbolism of a single butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck.

5] Outline Blue Butterfly Upper Chest Tattoo: Delicate Ink

Outline blue butterfly upper chest tattoo for women delicate ink


Adorn your upper chest with delicate ink outlines of a blue butterfly.

This minimalist design exudes subtle charm, emphasizing the delicate beauty of the butterfly.

The placement adds a touch of mystery and artistic expression to your décolletage.

6] Twin Blues and Heart Butterfly Tattoo: Inner Elegance

Inner elbow butterfly tattoo twin blues and heart for women


Embrace the symbolism of twin blue butterflies and a heart with an inner elbow tattoo.

This design reflects your deep connection to love and the transformative power of butterflies.

Positioned here, it’s a hidden gem that carries profound meaning.

7] Feminine Back Shoulder Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Elegance in Ink

Feminine back shoulder blue butterfly tattoo elegance in ink


Add an element of elegance to your back shoulder with a feminine blue butterfly tattoo.

This ink choice represents your refined taste and love for beauty.

Positioned here, it becomes a symbol of grace and sophistication.

8] Most Attractive 3D Blue Butterfly Chest Tattoo: Stunning Art

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Most attractive 3d blue butterfly chest tattoo for women stunning art

Adorn your chest with the most attractive 3D blue butterfly tattoo, showcasing stunning artistry.

This ink choice transforms your chest into a masterpiece of lifelike beauty, symbolizing the butterfly’s allure and metamorphosis.

It’s a captivating adornment that commands attention.

9] Fine Line Blue Butterfly Ankle Tattoo: Subtle Elegance

Fine line blue butterfly ankle tattoo for females subtle elegance

Infuse subtle elegance into your ankle with a fine line blue butterfly tattoo.

This ink choice adds a touch of sophistication to your lower leg, symbolizing freedom and grace.

The delicate lines create an understated yet captivating piece of art.

10] Super Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Outer Wrist Elegance

Super tiny blue butterfly tattoo outer wrist elegance for females


Elegance meets subtlety in the Super Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoo adorning your outer wrist.

This delicate design features a minuscule yet vibrant blue butterfly, symbolizing transformation and grace.

Placed on the wrist, it’s a discreet yet enchanting adornment that whispers of hidden beauty.

Like a secret charm, this tattoo adds a touch of nature’s elegance to your every gesture, a reminder that even the tiniest things can hold immense beauty and meaning.

11] Magnificent Shoulder Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design: Alluring Beauty

Magnificent shoulder blue butterfly tattoo design for females alluring beauty

Embrace alluring beauty with a magnificent blue butterfly tattoo design on your shoulder.

This ink choice celebrates the butterfly’s allure and grace, symbolizing beauty and transformation.

The placement adds a touch of sophistication to your shoulder, making it a captivating adornment.

12] Attractive Color Butterfly Chest Tattoo: Alluring Ink

Unique Female Attractive Color Butterfly Tattoo on Chest witth image


Add a touch of allure and femininity with an attractive color butterfly tattoo on your chest.

This captivating design embraces beauty and grace, creating a stunning centerpiece for your body art.

Explore the symbolism and charm of a color butterfly tattoo on your chest.

13] Exploring Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Folding Elbow Artistry

Folding elbow artistry the allure of blue butterfly tattoos


One of the intriguing aspects of blue butterfly tattoo is their versatility when it comes to placement.

Let’s start by exploring the artistry that unfolds when these charming creatures grace the elbow.

The folding elbow becomes a canvas, and the blue butterfly, with its intricate details and graceful wings, adds an element of intrigue.

This tattoo choice is a visual delight and symbolizes the freedom to spread one’s wings.

14] 3D Blue Butterfly Tattoo on the Back of the Neck: Lifelike Beauty

3d blue butterfly tattoos on the back of the neck lifelike beauty


Capture the essence of lifelike beauty with 3D blue butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck.

This ink choice transforms your skin into a canvas of stunning artistry, celebrating the butterfly’s realism and grace.

It’s an alluring adornment that turns heads.

15] Blue Butterfly on Floral Shoulder Tattoo: Nature-Inspired Beauty

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Sitting on Floral Tattoo at the Back of the Shoulder


Enhance your shoulder line with a graceful blue butterfly tattoo resting upon a floral tattoo, creating a mesmerizing combination.

This enchanting design adds a touch of elegance and symbolism, making a statement that is both delicate and captivating.

16] Single Blue Butterfly Charms: Unique Rib Tattoo

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Unique rib tattoo single blue butterfly charms women

Charm and uniqueness define the Unique Rib Tattoo featuring a single blue butterfly.

This design captures the essence of transformation and beauty, symbolized by the butterfly.

Placed on the ribcage, it becomes a discreet yet captivating adornment that highlights your individuality.

It’s a tattoo that whispers of personal growth and the allure of embracing one’s inner self, an artistic statement that leaves a lasting impression.

17] Three Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas: Back of Shoulder Charm

Back of shoulder charm three blue butterfly tattoo ideas for girls


The back of the shoulder provides a charming location for showcasing the beauty of blue butterfly tattoos.

Here, we present three creative ideas for butterfly ink. These designs can range from a solitary butterfly poised in flight to a trio of butterflies in various stages of movement.

This placement accentuates the natural grace of these creatures and symbolizes the journey of growth and change.

18] 3D Blue Butterfly on Upper Back Shoulder: Elegant Dimensions

Upper back shoulder tattoo 3d blue butterfly elegance for females


Elegance takes flight on your upper back shoulder with the Upper Back Shoulder Tattoo 3D Blue Butterfly Elegance.

This design features a three-dimensional blue butterfly, symbolizing transformation and beauty.

Placed on the upper back shoulder, it’s a graceful and eye-catching adornment that adds depth and dimension to your body art.

This tattoo celebrates the idea that life’s most beautiful transformations often take flight when you least expect them, an exquisite and captivating addition to your shoulder.

19] Outer Arm Above Elbow Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Artistic Expression

Outer arm above elbow blue butterfly tattoo artistic expression


Transform your outer arm, just above the elbow, into a canvas of artistic expression with a blue butterfly tattoo.

This design showcases the butterfly’s intricate beauty, celebrating the wonders of nature.

It’s a statement of individuality and admiration for the world around us.

20] Outline Blue Butterfly Leg Tattoo: Simple Leg Elegance

Outline Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Legs for Girls


Embrace simplicity and elegance with an outline blue butterfly tattoo on your legs.

This minimalist design creates a captivating visual, celebrating the butterfly’s beauty in its simplest form.

Explore this stylish and subtle tattoo option for girls.

21] Blue Butterfly Cover-Up Tattoo on Wrist: Transformative Ink

Blue butterfly cover-up tattoo on wrist transformative ink


Experience transformation with a blue butterfly cover-up tattoo on your wrist.

This ink choice conceals the past while celebrating the butterfly’s symbolism of change and rebirth.

It’s a transformative adornment that marks a new chapter in your life.

22] Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design for Ladies: Shoulder Artistry

Shoulder and arm elegance blue butterfly tattoo designs for ladies


Opting for a blue butterfly tattoo on your shoulder or arm offers an elegant and timeless choice.

This placement allows the butterfly to appear as if it’s perched delicately on your skin, symbolizing your connection to nature and the beauty of transformation.

23] Butterfly Grace on Ankle: Delicate Leg Art

Ankle tattoo ideas delicate butterfly grace for women


Grace your ankle with delicate butterfly tattoo ideas.

These designs represent your feminine grace and the lightness of butterflies.

As they decorate your ankle, they become a symbol of your free spirit and love for life’s beauty.

24] Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Back Shoulder: Perfect for Girls

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Subtle back shoulder beauty small blue butterfly tattoo


For a more discreet yet charming option, consider a small blue butterfly tattoo on your back shoulder.

This design is perfect for girls who want a subtle reminder of change and growth.

It’s a symbol of beauty that’s always with you, even when hidden from plain sight.

25] Fineline Swallowtail Butterfly Tattoo for the Chest: Graceful Artistry

Fineline swallowtail butterfly tattoo graceful artistry for the chest


Graceful artistry takes flight with the Fineline Swallowtail Butterfly Tattoo gracing your chest.

This design captures the exquisite beauty of a swallowtail butterfly with intricate, fine lines.

The swallowtail is a symbol of transformation and renewal, making it a meaningful choice for body art.

Placed on the chest, this tattoo becomes a statement of personal growth and metamorphosis.

It’s a delicate masterpiece that showcases both artistic finesse and profound symbolism.

26] Pretty Blue Butterfly Leg Tattoo: Delicate Leg Art

Pretty Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Legs for Females


Adorn your legs with a pretty blue butterfly tattoo, showcasing elegance and grace.

This beautiful design adds a touch of charm to your femininity and captures the delicate essence of the butterfly’s flight.

Discover this stunning tattoo choice for females today!

27] Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist: Realistic Beauty

Realistic beauty small blue butterfly tattoo on wrist for women


For those who appreciate the intricacies of realistic tattoo art, a small blue butterfly on the wrist is a masterpiece in miniature.

The delicate lines and vibrant blue hues capture the essence of these creatures with lifelike precision.

This tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the beauty in life’s small details and the importance of staying grounded.

28] Half Wing, Half Flower Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Creative Expression

Half wing half flower blue butterfly tattoo design 


The half wing of a butterfly and half flower tattoo design on the side of the shoulder is one of a kind that depicts the creativity of your mind.

The other half of the wing, made with flowers, gives the tattoo a unique touch, intriguing other people and making them want to know more about you.

29] Roses and Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Arm: Floral Grace

Upper Arm Roses with Blue Butterfly Tattoo Girl


Combine the elegance of roses with the beauty of a blue butterfly tattoo on your upper arm.

This enchanting combination celebrates love, beauty, and transformation, creating a striking and meaningful tattoo design.

Discover the charm of upper arm roses with a blue butterfly tattoo.

30] Blue Outline Butterfly Tattoo: Neck Elegance

Blue outline butterfly tattoo neck elegance for women

Elegance graces your neck with the Blue Outline Butterfly Tattoo.

This design features a graceful butterfly outline in serene blue hues.

The butterfly, symbolizing change and grace, takes flight on your neck, becoming a statement of transformation and beauty.

Its delicate outline adds a touch of nature’s elegance to your profile, serving as a reminder that life’s changes can be both subtle and stunning.

31] Blue Butterfly with Striking Black Outlines: Finger Whimsy

Blue butterfly with black outlines on the fingers

The morpho butterflies are the largest among the butterflies group.

The blue morpho butterfly tattoo on the fingers looks cute and stylish at the same time.

The black outlines of the blue butterfly give it a distinct look and make your tattoo look standout in the crowd.

They are minimal yet attract people’s attention. 

32] Blue Butterfly Design Adorned with Flowers: Hand Charms

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs with Flower on Hand


Embrace the beauty of nature with enchanting blue butterfly tattoo designs accompanied by delicate flowers, inked on your hand.

This captivating combination showcases elegance and grace, adding a touch of charm to your body art.

Explore these stunning tattoo ideas today..

33] Light Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design: Feet Finesse

Light blue butterfly tattoo design on the feet 


As we know, butterflies signify positive transformation, and light blue colored butterflies symbolize peace and stability in one’s life.

You can choose to ink butterflies at any place on your body, even your feet, as shown in the picture. You can even wear this blue butterfly tattoo on your finger as well.

34] Vibrant Blue Butterfly Calf Tattoo: Colorful Leg Art

Vibrant blue butterfly calf tattoo for women colorful leg art

Adorn your calf with vibrant and colorful leg art—a blue butterfly tattoo.

This design celebrates the beauty of butterflies and adds a burst of color to your leg.

It’s a reflection of your vibrant spirit and love for the natural world.

35] Mirror-Inspired Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Reflections of Beauty

Blue butterfly inside a mirror tattoo design


The mirror tattoo is believed to symbolize some sort of reflection or introspection.

It is related to the desire to keep some special moment alive, which can be about the memory of someone dear who has passed away.

A butterfly inside a mirror signifies a transformative memory that the person needs to keep alive forever through his tattoo. 

36] Small Blue Butterfly Hand Tattoo Design: Delicate Beauty

Small blue butterfly tattoo designs on the hand


The hands being one of the most visible parts of our body, attracts a fair amount of attention from people.

The blue butterfly tattoos on hand can act as a reminder that we can grow positively even in tough conditions.

It acts as a symbol of hope and change for us.

37] Minimalist Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design: Simple and Elegant

Minimal blue butterfly tattoo design


If bold colors and big designs scare you, these minimal blue butterfly tattoo designs are the apt choice for you.

They look cute and fun, besides expressing your personality.

If it is the first time that you are getting tattooed, these minimal blue outline butterfly tattoo will look best on you.

It is good for those who do not want to experiment much with their tattoo designs.

38] Blue Butterfly Design for Feminine Grace: Thigh Tattoo

Blue butterfly tattoo designs on thighs 


If you love wearing short-length pants, then you can choose your thighs for the placement of butterfly tattoos.

They make you look very stylish and cool. Now your beach pictures will undoubtedly look amazing. 

39] Small Blue Butterfly and Flower Tattoo: Forearm Delight

Small blue butterfly and flower tattoo forearm delight for girls


Delight your forearm with the Small Blue Butterfly and Flower Tattoo.

This charming design combines the grace of a blue butterfly with the delicate beauty of a flower.

Placed on the forearm, it’s a delightful adornment that symbolizes transformation and the blooming of one’s inner beauty.

Like a piece of nature’s artwork, this tattoo adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to your forearm, a reminder that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected places.

40] Dark Blue-Winged Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Bold and Beautiful

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Blue butterfly tattoo with dark blue wings tattoo design


Monotone color combinations look good in everyone, whether it be on clothes or tattoo.

This is one of the most loved blue butterfly tattoo idea for women.

The dark blue wings of the butterfly while the inside of it in light blue colour gives a unique look to the tattoo wearer.

If you do not want to experiment much with colors then this kind of tattoo design works best for you.

41] 3D Blue Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo: Lifelike Insect Ink

Unique 3D Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder with image


Elevate your style with a mesmerizing 3D blue butterfly tattoo adorning your shoulder.

This captivating design creates a lifelike illusion, making the butterfly come alive on your skin.

Discover the depth and beauty of this unique shoulder tattoo idea.

42] Shoulder Blue Butterfly Beauty: Sleeve Serenity

Sleeve tattoo female shoulder blue butterfly beauty


Transform your shoulder into a canvas of beauty with a sleeve tattoo featuring a blue butterfly.

This ink elegantly represents your appreciation for the graceful and delicate nature of butterflies.

It’s a work of art that mirrors your love for all things beautiful.

43] Beautiful Blue Butterfly and Rose Tattoo: Graceful Feminine Ink

Beautiful blue butterfly and rose tattoo on forearm graceful feminine ink


Embrace grace and femininity with a beautiful blue butterfly and rose tattoo gracing your forearm.

This ink choice captures the delicate elegance of butterflies and the timeless beauty of roses.

It’s a striking representation of your grace and appreciation for nature’s wonders.

44] Realistic Blue Butterfly Forearm Tattoo: Stunning Natural Design

Realistic blue butterfly forearm tattoo stunning natural design


Showcase a stunning and realistic blue butterfly on your forearm.

This tattoo captures the essence of nature’s beauty and the intricate details of butterflies.

As it adorns your forearm, it becomes a captivating ode to the wonders of the natural world.

45] Behind the Ear Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design: Subtle Elegance

Blue butterfly tattoo design behind the ear 


The placement of tattoos behind the ear is a popular placement for females wanting to get a tattoo.

This small blue butterfly tattoo for women looks feminine and subtle, which can be covered with hair and looks extremely stylish in hair up-dos.

It also is an apt placement for people looking not bold enough to show off their tattoos every time.

46] 3D Butterfly Tattoo Ideas: Calf Beauty

3d butterfly tattoo ideas calf back beauty for women


Experience 3D beauty with the 3D Butterfly Tattoo Ideas gracing the side of your calf.

This design brings the butterfly to life with its dimensional appearance, symbolizing transformation and grace.

Positioned on the calf’s side, it’s a unique and eye catching adornment that adds depth and artistry to your body art.

This tattoo serves as a reminder that life’s most profound changes often come with a touch of artistic flair, a captivating masterpiece on your calf.

47] Tiny Blue Butterfly on Hand: Dainty Hand Charm

Dainty hand tattoo tiny blue butterfly for women


Delight in the charm of a tiny blue butterfly tattoo on your wrist.

This dainty ink captures the essence of delicacy and the subtle beauty of butterflies.

Positioned here, it becomes a whimsical and enchanting adornment.

48] Blue Butterfly Elegance: Rib Tattoo Ideas

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Ribs for Females


Unveil your inner beauty with a blue butterfly tattoo delicately placed on your rib.

This alluring placement accentuates your feminine curves and celebrates the freedom and transformation represented by the butterfly.

Explore this captivating rib tattoo idea for females.

49] Blue Butterfly Tattoo for Ladies: Inner Elbow Beauty

Inner elbow beauty blue butterfly tattoo for ladies


This design showcases the elegance of a blue butterfly, a symbol of transformation and grace.

Positioned on the inner elbow, it’s a unique and unexpected location that adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to your body art.

This tattoo serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unconventional spaces, a graceful adornment that invites curiosity.

50] Blue Butterfly with a Face Tattoo Design: Unique Beauty

Blue butterfly with a face tattoo design


A butterfly with a face represents mortality and new life.

They can be viewed as the circle of life and connection between life and death as no one is immortal in this world, but one surely undergoes different phases in life.

This is one of the trendiest blue butterfly tattoo ideas for women.

51] Small Clock and Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Patience in Ink

Patience and transformation small clock and blue butterfly tattoo


Combine the symbolism of a clock and a blue butterfly for a unique tattoo.

The clock represents time and patience, while the butterfly embodies transformation.

Together, they tell a story of waiting for the right moment to undergo a beautiful change.

52] Above the Thigh Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Feminine Beauty

Above the thigh blue butterfly tattoo for women feminine beauty


Embrace the beauty of nature’s colors with an above-the-thigh blue butterfly tattoo.

This ink choice adds a touch of elegance to your thigh, symbolizing transformation and grace.

The fluttering wings capture the essence of femininity, making it a striking adornment.

53] Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design with Text: Personalized Touch

Blue butterfly tattoo design with text 


Butterfly tattoo designs, coupled with some words, make for a powerful statement.

These can be inspiring texts, words of wisdom, popular quotes, or phrases that create a strong impact on the onlooker.

You can even choose to ink your soulmate’s name beside the butterfly tattoo. 

54] Cute Blue Butterfly Ring Finger Tattoo: Dainty Charm

Cute blue butterfly ring finger tattoo for girls dainty charm


Embrace dainty charm with a cute blue butterfly tattoo on your ring finger.

This tiny ink accentuates the delicate nature of the butterfly, symbolizing beauty and change.

It’s a subtle adornment that carries profound symbolism.

55] Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design Adorned with Flowers: Petite Flowers

Big blue butterfly tattoo designs with small flowers


Who doesn’t want their waist to look seductive?

Butterfly tattoo designs look very appealing on the waist as it gives the person a feminine touch.

The butterfly designs can be balanced with small flowers.

You can show off your trendy tattoo by wearing crop tops and blouses.  

56] Blue Butterfly with Flower Tattoo Design: Graceful Back Art

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Blue butterfly with flower tattoo designs on the back of the shoulders 


Talking about another blue butterfly tattoo idea for women, a butterfly with flowers around it gives the tattoo wearer an opportunity to show off his/her feminine personality.

These designs symbolize innocence, serenity, love for nature, and positivity towards life.

57] 3D Blue Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo: Lifelike Charm

3d blue butterfly tattoo on shoulder


3D tattoo on shoulders look as if a real butterfly has sat on them.

They are realistic blue butterfly tattoo, and the design looks amazing and mind-blowing, making you stand out in the crowd while also symbolizing the freedom and the carefree nature of the person.

58] Blue Butterfly Tattoo with Black Outline: Bold and Beautiful

Blue butterfly tattoo designs with black outline


Blue butterfly tattoo designs with black outlines create a great color contrast that attracts the attention of onlookers almost instantly.

They are not only beautiful but make the person look trendy as well, who seems like is aware of the ongoing trends and fashion. 

59] Scissor-Inspired Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Creative Intrigue

Blue butterfly resembling scissor tattoo design


The butterfly tattoo design resembling a scissor is one of the best blue butterfly tattoo ideas for women as it is the trendiest style to carry as your tattoo.

Scissors and butterflies together symbolize spiritual unity and physical closeness.

It is a unique combination that suggests that you are longing for a transformation by separating non-essential elements from your life. 

60] Inner Arm Bicep Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Graceful Ink

Women's inner arm bicep blue butterfly tattoo graceful ink


Grace your inner arm’s bicep with a blue butterfly tattoo that embodies grace and beauty.

This ink celebrates the elegance of the butterfly’s flight, symbolizing personal transformation.

The placement adds a touch of allure and understated charm to your arm.

61] Big Blue Butterfly Ankles Tattoo: Captivating Leg Ink

Big blue butterfly tattoo designs on the ankles


Getting inked on anklets is on trend nowadays, which signifies the mysterious nature of the person.

Blue butterflies with black flowers and leaves with a big red rose to signify love, strength, and hope and also describe femininity.

Moreover, the red rose looks more classic as compared to other color roses.

62] Blue Butterfly on Blooming Flowers Tattoo: Perched Perfection

Blue butterfly sitting on flowers tattoo design

A butterfly sitting on a flower collecting nectar is the most natural sight that we come across in our day-to-day life.

The very same tattoo design on the shoulders looks fascinating, depicting the natural activities of a butterfly that keeps it alive.

It also reminds us of the necessities of a human that he needs to do to live and survive. 

63] Unique Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm: Delicate Choice

Graceful forearm beauty unique blue butterfly tattoo


A blue butterfly inked on your forearm can be a symbol of grace and transformation.

The forearm is an ideal canvas for showcasing the delicate intricacies of the butterfly’s wings.

The blue hue adds a touch of serenity to your ink, signifying inner peace and personal growth.

64] Blue Butterfly Tattoo Design: Graceful Back Artistry

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Blue butterfly tattoo design on the back

The butterfly design on the back is a bold placement as it is not a visible part of the body and is mostly covered.

But if you love wearing backless dresses and want to flaunt your back, you can go for such tattoo designs.

It makes your back look very appealing and boosts your confidence as well. 

65] Blue Butterfly Tattoo on the Breast: Attractive and Artistic

The allure of the female breast blue butterfly tattoo's attractive artistry


Moving to a more intimate canvas, the female breast becomes a unique space for artistic expression.

A blue butterfly tattoo adorning this area is not only attractive but also holds profound meaning.

It represents the beauty of femininity and transformation, reminding the wearer of their own journey of growth and self-discovery.

This tattoo choice is a celebration of the body’s natural allure.

66] Two Roses and a Blue Butterfly Tattoo: A Fusion of Elegance

A fusion of elegance two roses and a blue butterfly tattoo on forearm


For a fusion of elegance and symbolism, consider a tattoo that combines the timeless beauty of roses with the delicate allure of a blue butterfly.

The forearm is an ideal canvas for this composition.

The roses represent love and passion, while the blue butterfly adds a touch of freedom and transformation.

This ink choice tells a story of love, growth, and the beauty that emerges from life’s twists and turns.

67] Elaborate Blue Butterfly Arm Tattoo: Artistic Majesty

Elaborate blue butterfly tattoo design on arm  


If you like butterflies but do not want to go for a small design, then you add other designs to make it big with some intricate and elaborate designs.

It makes the person look fierce and compassionate at the same time.

These kinds of elaborate designs not only look good on women but on men too. 

68] Blue Morpho Butterfly Tattoo for Forearm: Simple Beauty

Blue morpho butterfly tattoo simple beauty for forearms


Discover simple beauty in the Blue Morpho Butterfly Tattoo on your forearms.

This design depicts the striking blue morpho butterfly, known for its iridescent wings and symbolizing change and rebirth.

Placed on the forearms, it’s a visible yet understated adornment that exudes a sense of transformation and growth.

The tattoo’s simplicity enhances its elegance, reminding you that life’s most profound changes often begin with small, beautiful moments.

69] Simple Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Shoulder Artistry

Shoulder artistry simple blue butterfly tattoo for women


This design showcases a blue butterfly, a symbol of transformation and change, placed gracefully on your shoulder.

Its simplicity is its strength, allowing the butterfly’s beauty and symbolism to shine.

This tattoo serves as a reminder that life’s most beautiful transformations often emerge from the simplest of moments, a delicate and powerful adornment for your shoulder.

70] Shaded Blue Butterfly with Floral Outlines: Artful Design

Shaded blue butterfly with flowers outlines tattoo designs


The shaded blue-colored butterfly tattoo with the outlines of flowers beside them give an outstanding look to the person.

It creates a contrast between black flowers and the shaded blue color of the butterfly.

The dark pinkish tinge of the tattoo gives it a new look altogether. 

71] Stunning Blue Butterfly Tattoo: Outer Wrist Elegance

Outer wrist elegance stunning blue butterfly tattoo for females


This design features a stunning blue butterfly, symbolizing transformation and change.

Placed on the wrist, it becomes an elegant and visible adornment that gracefully accentuates your gestures.

It’s a tattoo that celebrates the beauty of personal growth and metamorphosis, an exquisite accessory that adds charm to every movement.

FAQ on Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs

What Do Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs Symbolize? 

Half wing half flower blue butterfly tattoo design 

The butterfly tattoos are not only trendy but have a deep meaning associated with them.

It symbolizes rebirth, freedom, and change and is the representation of life from one phase to another, just as the butterfly forms from the inside of a cocoon.

They can also symbolize happiness, celebrations, and journey while representing endurance, change, hope, and moving through different life cycles.

The color blue is viewed as a calming and relaxed tone symbolizing responsibility and intelligence. Light baby blue color signifies peace, whereas dark blue symbolizes depth and power.

What style and placement should I get for a blue butterfly tattoo?

There are no specific rules as to where you should get a tattoo; it all depends on your personal choice and preference.

But lately, tattoo designs on the neck, shoulder, arms, back, and even fingers are gaining a lot of popularity.

With tattoos getting smaller with intricate designs, there seems to be no limit as to where you can get your tattoo.

Some unusual placements like the arch of the feet or below the ear are also getting popular among tattoo enthusiasts. 

Butterfly tattoos look best, whether small or big, and can be placed on the back of arms, neck, shoulders, and fingers. The statement butterfly tattoo designs look good on any part of the body. 

Which Kind of Designs Go Well with Butterfly Tattoos? 

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Sitting on Floral Tattoo at the Back of the Shoulder

If you are looking for multiple designs to ink with the butterfly tattoo, you can choose among a plethora of options.

The flowers like roses, orchids, or tulips work the best with it, but you can also go with other options such as texts, a face, a mirror on its outer, and a group of butterflies that will fill a huge part of your body.

Do Blue Butterflies tattoo Designs Carry Any Spiritual Significance?

Yes, butterflies carry the universal symbol of spiritual growth and transformation. They can be viewed as a beacon of light that scatters the lights of hope and freedom.

They resonate with the Christian belief of resurrection but in terms of our minds and soul.

It tells us that we can learn so many valuable teachings from a butterfly. Its transformation from a cocoon to a beautiful creature is inspiring and amazing. 


The butterfly designs carry very meaningful and potent significance. They have the ability to guide us through life’s challenges.

Being the amazing creature that it is, it has inspired us for centuries. It symbolizes things like rebirth, transformation, freedom, love, grace, etc.

It has become one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. They not only are beautiful and simple creatures but carry very deep meaning within them. 

If you are looking to get your body inked, these are some of the blue butterfly tattoo ideas for women to help you decide on a design for your tattoo.

We hope that this article was helpful for you.

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