20+ Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo With Meaning

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One of the trendiest and most unique tattoo designs that are highly used by several men and women around the world, especially teens and youths, is the famous Tokyo Ghoul tattoo design.

People have loved Japanese manga and animes for a long time, but now they are even getting inspiration for tattoo art from the series that are famous.

The main character of the series is Ken Kaneki, whose image is most popularly used by fans as a tattoo that features bold lines and dark shading.

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs have different meanings, and you can see some of the popular Tokyo ghoul tattoo designs with their meaning here.

So get to know them before you go for having these designs on your body part.

22 Unforgettable Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Designs For Men And Women With Meaning

Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo With Meaning For Men and Women

1] Kaneki’s Leg Tattoo: The Spider Lily

Kaneki spider lily tattoo design for leg


Spider Lilies are the symbol of transformation and new connections.

In the series, Kaneki struggles with his new identity and the conflicts that arise from it.

Hence it is one of the most popular Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs for men who find themselves in a conflict between their new and old selves or personality.

2] Unisex Tokyo Ghoul Ink: Juuzou Suzuya’s Art

Juuzou suzuya unisex tokyo ghoul tattoo design


Juuzou is a popular fictional character in the manga and anime series who is known for his childlike and eccentric personality, and hence this makes it a cute and popular Tokyo Ghoul tattoo design for men and women.

He is also a symbol of loyalty, so you can get this tattooed on your arm, leg, or any part of the body if you are loyal to your friends or lover.

3] Men’s Chest Tattoo: Striking Red Spider Lily

Red spider lily tattoo design for men on chest


The best way to express your transformation and the connection is to get a detailed image of a spider lily inked on your body.

These lilies can be drawn using red or pink ink as it represents beauty, grace, and resilience, which makes them perfect Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs for men and women.

4] Haise Sasaki’s Tokyo Ghoul Ink for Men

Haise sasaki tokyo ghoul tattoo design for men


If you love Haise Sasaki from the series, then you can get these Tokyo Ghoul tattoos inked on your body to show that you are a fan of the character.

Nonfans can also opt for this tattoo as it’s the generation that praises the art and artist and is very flexible regarding the choice of Ghoul tattoo designs.

5] Ken Kaneki’s Masterpiece: Arm Tattoo

Ken kaneki tokyo ghoul tattoo design for arms


Ken Kaneki is the main character of the anime series and is a highly inked Tokyo Ghoul tattoo for men and women that is often combined with a spider lily or centipede.

Many teens and adults opt for getting a combination tattoo as it adds to the meaning that it depicts.

6] Birds and Spider Lily: Handcrafted Design

Spider lily with birds tattoo design for hand


Birds are the symbol of freedom, and spider lilies represent the connection.

Hence this is a perfect Tokyo Ghoul tattoo for women and men who are free souls and have a lot of connections.

The design is generally made with a combination of black and red ink, and the meaning differs depending on your own beliefs.

7] Shoulder Snake and Spider Lily Tattoo

Snake Around Spider Lily Tattoo Design For Back Of Shoulder


Snake around spider lily has had a significant role in many cultures throughout history and is still prevailing.

For some individuals, it has a religious significance serving as a way to express their belief or devotion, whereas, for others, it is a way to showcase their appreciation for certain styles or artists.

So, followed by your ethics, you can go with this amazing Tokyo Ghoul tattoo design on the back of your shoulder.

8] Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Design For Boys

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Best tokyo ghoul tattoo designs for boys


To show your self-appreciation, you can get this Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs that are popular among netizens and is a way to express different emotions.

However, if you have decided to have it on your arm, you must choose a professional tattoo artist who can neatly draw all the minute details to give it a real ghoul look.

9] Colorful Tokyo Ghoul Ink: Unisex Designs

Colourful tokyo ghoul tattoo for men and women


Colourful Tokyo Ghoul tattoos for men and women are popular because of their aesthetic and artistic looks and attractiveness.

People often see it as a way to mark their personal growth and transformation.

10] Purple Centipede Wrist Tattoo

Purple centipede wrist ghoul tattoo for women & men


These Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs of a purple centipede are often inked by men and women who are rebels by personality.

They are more likely to push back against societal norms or expectations.

These tattoos can be inked using purple, red, black or other colours of your choice.

11] Magna Ghoul Tattoo: Unique Designs

Magna ghoul tattoo design for men and women


You can get your favourite manga character inked on your forearm, calves, thighs, or other body parts to show your appreciation and love for the art and artist of the toons.

You have the option to get a Manga Tattoo design inked in multi colours or grayscale, as it looks stunning and attractive both ways.

12] Handcrafted Spider Lily with Butterflies

Spider lily tokyo ghoul tattoo design with butterfly for hand


Getting a spider lily with butterfly Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo designs is a creative way to show freedom, rebirth, and transformation.

You can add other elements, such as vines, leaves, flowers, etc., to add a deeper meaning to your tattoo.

13] Centipede Darkness: Unisex Ghoul Ink

Centipede dark unisex ghoul tattoo design for hand


You can get this dark centipede tattoo inked on your hand to symbolize different meanings, such as death, mortality, freedom, change, etc.

You can even choose another placement that is perfect for getting this unique Tokyo Ghoul tattoo for men and women, such as arms, legs, thighs, or back.

14] Fusion of Spider Lily and Centipede Tattoo

Spider lily with centipede ghoul tattoo design


Centipede with spider lily is one of the unique Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs that are popular among adults as they are a symbol of luck.

Different types of centipedes can be drawn, like a realistic, abstract, centipede with elements, and traditional centipedes depending upon your choices.

15] Women’s Back Tattoo: Spider Lily and Snake Art

Spider lily with snake tattoo design for women on back


The combination of the spider lily and snake represents the duality of life and conveys the message that good and evil coexist and they are in balance.

The interpretations may differ according to your culture, beliefs, and background, and you can get this Tokyo Ghoul tattoo design in any colour, size, style, and placement.

However, it will look nice on the back side below your neck.

16] Tokyo Ghoul Forearm Tattoo: Spider Lily Symbolism

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Spider lily symbolism in tokyo ghoul anime tattoo on the forearm


A Tokyo Ghoul anime-inspired tattoo, featuring the iconic spider lily, beautifully adorns the forearm.

This design pays homage to the popular anime series and the hauntingly beautiful imagery associated with it.

The spider lily is often linked to themes of tragedy and transformation, making it a striking and meaningful tattoo choice.

Its placement on the forearm ensures that it’s prominently displayed and serves as a captivating conversation starter.

17] Tokyo Ghoul Anime Tattoo Masterpiece: Creative Bicep Ink

Creative tokyo ghoul anime tattoo design for the bicep a masterpiece of ink art


A creative Tokyo Ghoul anime tattoo graces the bicep, showcasing unique and personalized elements inspired by the series.

This design is a testament to the wearer’s love for the anime and their creativity in adding personal touches to it.

The bicep’s ample canvas allows for a visually captivating and artistically rich tattoo that celebrates the intricacies of the Tokyo Ghoul world.

18] Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Below Elbow: Expressing Fandom

Tokyo ghoul anime tattoo below the elbow expressing fandom through ink


A Tokyo Ghoul anime tattoo is inked below the elbow, celebrating the series and its captivating themes.

This design may feature characters or symbols from the anime, adding a touch of intrigue to the tattoo.

Positioned below the elbow, it’s a unique and striking choice that adds an element of mystery and visual appeal to the wearer’s body art.

19] Ken Kaneki’s Colorful Half Sleeve: Tokyo Ghoul Tribute

Ken kaneki from tokyo ghoul colorful upper half sleeve tattoo


Ken Kaneki, the iconic protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, is brilliantly depicted in a colorful upper half sleeve tattoo.

This design pays homage to the character and the series with vibrant and detailed artwork.

The upper half sleeve provides ample space to capture the essence of Ken Kaneki’s character and his journey, creating a visually captivating and artistically rich tattoo.

20] Tokyo Ghoul Anime-Inspired Art: Thigh Tattoo Elegance

Tokyo ghoul back of the thigh tattoo a captivating anime-inspired ink art for women


A Tokyo Ghoul-themed tattoo adorns the back of the thigh, celebrating the captivating world of the series.

This design may feature elements from Tokyo Ghoul, such as masks, ghouls, or the ominous ambiance.

The back of the thigh is a unique and alluring canvas for this anime-inspired artwork, adding an element of intrigue and visual appeal to the wearer’s body art.

21] Unique Stomach Tattoo for Men: Spider Lilies Ink

Tokyo ghoul spider lilies unique tattoo design on the side of the stomach for men


The striking image of spider lilies from Tokyo Ghoul is intricately tattooed on the side of the stomach.

This design captures the symbolism and beauty associated with these flowers in the series.

Positioned on the side of the stomach, it’s a bold and visually engaging tattoo choice that carries a touch of the mysterious and haunting atmosphere of Tokyo Ghoul.

22] Tokyo Ghoul Forearm Tattoo: Proudly Wearing Kaneki

Tokyo ghoul face tattoo on the forearm wearing your favorite character with pride


The face of a Tokyo Ghoul character is inked on the forearm, celebrating the series and its distinct visuals.

This design may showcase the mask of a ghoul or a character’s visage.

Positioned on the forearm, it serves as a constant reminder of the wearer’s love for Tokyo Ghoul and their appreciation for its unique aesthetics, creating a visually captivating and conversation-starting piece of body art.

FAQ on Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo

Why Do Men And Women Prefer To Get Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo?

Generally, anime and Japanese cartoon lovers get Tokyo Ghoul tattoos inked on the bodies of their favourite anime characters as a way to show their love and appreciation for the series.

These tattoos are also a way for them to express their personality.

What Are Some Popular Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Designs For Men?

Test the look with temporary tattoos

Ken Kaneki, in his half-ghoul form, Juuzou Suzuya, and Nishiki Nishio are some notable characters from the series Iconic Masks are popular Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs for men.

What Are Some Popular Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Designs For Women?

From the popular series’ Iconic Mask, Touka Kirishima, Hinami Fueguchi, and Eto Yoshimura are the female characters that have been known to be the best choices for Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs for women.

What Should I Look For When Going To An Artist For My Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo?

Someone who is experienced in the style and techniques you want.
Someone knowledgeable about the series.

It’s also essential to choose a reputable and professional tattoo artist. Someone who follows proper safety and hygiene practices.

Can Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos Be Customized?

Yes, Tokyo Ghoul tattoos can be customized for girls, men, and women, according to your choice of featuring a specific character, scene, or element from the series.

You can incorporate personal touches and symbolism into the tattoo that you decide to get and discuss it with your artist as well.

Are Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos Only For Fans Of The Series?

Tokyo Ghoul tattoos are not limited only to fans of the series; anyone who appreciates the artwork and designs can get them inked.

Fans are most likely to get these because they understand the captivating imagery of the series and the meaning behind it better than the others.

Which Part Of The Body Do People Typically Get Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos Design?

Tokyo Ghoul tattoos for men and women can work well on many different areas of the body, such as the arm, back, chest, and leg.

One can get them inked anywhere they want, depending on their personal preference.


Tokyo Ghoul tattoo designs for men and women are one of the popular choices for fans who appreciate Japanese art, manga, anime, and such series.

These designs particularly include characters, Japanese calligraphy, and traditional designs that can be customized if you want to give it a personal touch or something that you want to represent through it.

Make sure to hire a well-experienced and hygienic tattoo artist who knows how to bring life to art and can understand your point of view very well.

Also, check out the list of beautiful angel with gun tattoo designs if you are willing to have captivating art on your body part.