Best 60+ Live Laugh Love Tattoos Designs

Tattoos like live laugh love tattoos designs are an expression of your voice, preferences, and beliefs in the form of body art.

It has emerged as an appealing artistic and cultural form of what one wants to come across as.

They have a common sight now, and it is no more surprising to see someone with more than one tattoo on their body.

Some tattoos carry significant meanings, while some are the results of an impulsive decision. Whatever may be the reason, they are a popular style quotient for today’s generation.

There are several designs that are in trend nowadays, such as text tattoos such as live laugh love tattoos, live to the fullest, do or die, etc.

These tattoo designs are an apt choice for youngsters and adults alike.

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60+ Best Live Laugh Love Tattoos Designs With Meaning

Best Live Laugh Love Tattoos Designs With Meaning

1] Small Live Laugh Love Shoulder Tattoo: Sentimental Design

Small Live Laugh Love Tattoo Design on the Shoulder


If you want to get a tattoo but do not want to go for a bold design, then this design will suit you the most.

Small tattoo designs are a powerful way to express something without going overboard and loud. 

2] Meaningful Arm Tattoo: Enchanting Affection

Enchanting Affection Meaningful Live Love Laugh Tattoo on Arm for Him


The Live Love Laugh tattoo on the arm is a meaningful and enchanting expression of affection.

It’s a reminder to embrace life’s experiences with enthusiasm and positivity.

Each word carries its own significance: Live encourages living in the present, Love symbolizes deep affection, and Laugh represents finding joy in every moment.

This tattoo is a heartfelt message to cherish life’s journey and the relationships that make it special.

3] Live Laugh Love Below Elbow in Black Ink: Elbow Whispers

Live Laugh Love Tattoo Below the Elbow in Black Ink: Elbow Whispers


Inscribe the mantra of life beneath your elbow with a ‘live laugh love’ tattoo in classic text lettering.

This location allows the wisdom of these words to be ever-present, subtly reminding you to embrace every moment.

The text lettering adds a straightforward and timeless elegance to the design, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a daily dose of inspiration inked on their skin.

4] Live Laugh Love Tattoo on Hands: Expressive Symbols

 Live Laugh Love Tattoo on Hands for Men & Women


We understand that not everybody is a fan of funky-looking tattoos with bold and colourful letters.

The live laugh love tattoos given in the image are an apt choice if you want to go for something that is attractive yet basic to look at.

Black ink for tattoos is a classic choice among tattoo enthusiasts and does not make you look ‘extra’. 

5] Live Love Laugh Neck Tattoo: Graceful Affirmation

'Live Love Laugh' Tattoo on the Back of the Neck in Black and Grey: Graceful Nape Affirmation


Adorn the back of your neck with a ‘Live Love Laugh’ tattoo—a chic and timeless choice for girls.

Executed in black and grey, this tattoo blends seamlessly with the skin, creating a subtle yet impactful statement.

Placing it on the back of the neck ensures a touch of mystique, revealing the delicate script to those who venture close.

It’s a beautiful symbol of positivity that complements the graceful curvature of the neck.

6] Live Laugh Love Forearm Tattoo: Subtle Sentiment

Live Laugh Love Forearm Tattoos for girl


If you’re looking for a more subtle and elegant way to display the “live laugh love” quote, consider getting it tattooed in running cursive letters on your forearm.

This design adds a touch of sophistication while still conveying the powerful message of living life to the fullest.

The placement on the forearm allows for easy visibility and can serve as a daily reminder to cherish each moment with joy and laughter.

7] Mini Live Love Laugh Handwriting Tattoo: Wrist Elegance

Mini 'Live Love Laugh' Handwriting Tattoo with Colorful Flowers: Wrist Elegance


Whimsy meets elegance with a mini handwriting ‘Live Love Laugh’ tattoo accompanied by a color flower on the inner wrist.

The delicate script adds a touch of intimacy, while the color flower brings vibrancy and life to the design.

This mini masterpiece becomes a subtle yet captivating representation of embracing life, love, and laughter, symbolized by the vivid bloom.

8] Live Laugh Love Design: Waist Tattoo Elegance

Live Laugh Love Tattoo Design on Waist for Female


The waist can be a good spot for getting a tattoo as it depends on you completely when you want to reveal it.

The reason that it is not exposed every time makes it one of the favourites among females.

You can even accentuate the live laugh love tattoos on the waist by wearing outfits such as crop tops or low-waist jeans. 

9] Finger Tattoos: Love, Live, Laugh – Meaningful Adornments

Expressive Finger Tattoos Love, Live, Laugh  Meaningful Adornments


Let your fingers tell a story with these expressive tattoos.

Love, Live, Laugh – each word carries profound meaning, serving as constant reminders of life’s beauty and the importance of embracing joy.

These tiny yet impactful symbols transform your fingers into a canvas of sentiments.

10] Matching Live Love Laugh on Outer Wrists: Friendship Trio

Matching Live Love Laugh Script Lettering on Outer Wrists: Friendship Trio


Celebrate the bond of friendship with matching script lettering tattoos that read ‘Live Love Laugh’ on the outer wrist.

This shared emblem serves as a testament to the enduring power of friendship and shared values.

The script lettering, identical yet unique, adorns the wrists of friends, creating a harmonious visual connection.

It’s a beautiful and meaningful expression of the bond that echoes the sentiments of living, loving, and laughing together.

11] Live Love Laugh Neck Tattoo: Nape Wisdom

'Live Love Laugh' Script Lettering Tattoo on the Back of the Neck: Nape Wisdom


Elegance meets expression with the ‘Live Love Laugh’ vertical script lettering tattoo on the back of the neck.

Each word gracefully descends, forming a vertical cascade of positive affirmations.

This placement adds a touch of delicacy and intrigue, creating a subtle yet profound statement.

The script lettering enhances the design’s beauty, allowing the wearer to carry the mantra of living, loving, and laughing with grace and style.

12] Colorful Waist Tattoo: Expressive Love Trio

Colorful Live Laugh Love Tattoo Designs on Waist


Colourful tattoo designs on the waist make a person look feminine and shows their gentle side.

It also means that a person is cheerful and a die-hard lover of nature because they have chosen the colours of flowers as it is and do not want to alter them. 

13] Minimal Bust Area Tattoo: Subtle Affirmation

Minimal Live Laugh Love Tattoos Design Below Bust Area


Minimal live laugh love tattoo designs look good on any part of the body.

Small tattoo designs are all about keeping things simple and trying to live life by the least means possible.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to body art. Minimalist tattoo designs are the perfect example of cute yet powerful body art.

14] Cursive Live Laugh Love: Collar Bone Tattoo Elegance

Collar bone live laugh love tattoo female cursive letter


A Live Laugh Love tattoo in cursive letters placed along the collarbone is a delicate and elegant choice for females.

Cursive script adds a sense of fluidity and grace to the message, making it both visually appealing and deeply meaningful.

The collarbone is a subtle yet captivating placement for this tattoo, allowing it to be displayed beautifully when wearing off-the-shoulder or low-necked tops.

15] Serene Life, Love, Laughter: Hand Serenity

Serene Serenity Hand Tattoo of Life Love and Laughter 

Experience tranquility with our stunning hand tattoo design, featuring the empowering words “Live, Love, Laugh.”

Let this exquisite artwork serve as a daily reminder to embrace life’s joys and cherish precious moments.

16] Cursive Letters Live Laugh Love Tattoo: Elegance in Motion

Live Laugh Love Tattoos Design in Running Cursive Letters


The cursive tattoo designs create an air of mystique among the onlookers as it is not easily readable.

Live laugh love tattoos inked in cursive handwriting are synonymous with elegance and mystery.

If you are a beginner and cannot decide upon a design, this is surely an apt choice for you. 

17] Enchanting Skeletor Twist: Live, Love, Laugh

Enchanting Skeletor Live Love Laugh Tattoo with a Twist


Unleash your unique style with our unconventional “Live, Love, Laugh” Skeletor tattoo.

Combining edginess and positivity, this design captures attention and serves as a reminder to find beauty in every aspect of life.

18] Timeless Sunflower Trio: Classic Beauty

Timeless Beauty Classic Sunflower Design with Live Love Laugh


Experience the timeless beauty of our classic sunflower tattoo design, intricately intertwined with the words “Live Love Laugh.”

This stunning artwork celebrates the essence of life, love, and laughter.

19] Live Love Laugh Finger Tattoo: Whimsical and Meaningful

Unique Female Live Love Laugh Tattoo on Fingers


A popular spot for female tattoos is the fingers, and the phrase “live love laugh” can make for a great design in this area.

With small and delicate lettering, it can serve as a daily reminder to embrace life with positivity and joy.

This tattoo is not only stylish but also carries a meaningful message that can inspire and motivate others.

20] Chest Tattoo for Women: Captivating Passion

Unique Captivating Passion Chest Tattoo for Women


Embody your inner fire with our chest tattoo design, exquisitely showcasing the phrase “Live, Love, Laugh.”

Radiate passion and zest for life as this artwork adorns your chest, expressing your fierce and loving spirit.

21] Italics Live Laugh Love: Foot Art

Live laugh love in italics foot tattoo design for girls


An Live Laugh Love tattoo in italics on the foot is a delicate and stylish choice for girls.

The italic font adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

Placed on the foot, it’s both discreet and charming, offering a reminder to live life to the fullest, find joy in laughter, and cherish love with every step taken.

22] Live Laugh Love Tattoo on Shoulder: Floral Accent

Floral Accent Live laugh love Tattoo On Shoulder For Girls


Blend floral beauty with heartfelt sentiments through a Live Laugh Love tattoo on your shoulder.

These words, etched amidst delicate blooms, infuse your skin with grace and meaning.

This ink choice not only speaks to life’s joys but also adds a touch of aesthetic charm.

23] Star Shoulder Tattoo: Stellar Elegance

Stellar Elegance Live Love Laugh Star Shoulder Tattoo for Ladies


Illuminate your shoulder with stellar elegance using our Live Love Laugh star tattoo design.

Exuding grace and beauty, this enchanting artwork encapsulates the joy of living, the power of love, and the magic of laughter.

24] Finger Tattoo Trio: Live Laugh Love

Live on one finger laugh on another love on another finger tattoo


Creating a Live Laugh Love tattoo by splitting the words across three fingers is a unique and creative approach.

Each finger bears one word, and when brought together, they form the complete message.

This tattoo is not only visually intriguing but also symbolic, reminding you to live life fully, find laughter, and embrace love in every aspect of your being.

25] Lower Neck Live Laugh Love Tattoo: Stylish Expression

Cool Live Laugh Love Lower Neck Tattoo for Female


For a unique and edgy take on the classic “live laugh love” tattoo, consider getting it inked in running letters on your lower neck.

This placement allows for a subtle yet stylish statement, and the running letters give it a cool and modern touch.

This design is perfect for those who wish to express their positive outlook while looking fashionable and trendy.

26] Enchanting Cursive Forearm Tattoo: Whimsical Whispers

Whimsical Whispers Enchanting Cursive Forearm design


Let the delicate curves of cursive artistry whisper tales of laughter and love upon your forearm, creating a captivating and meaningful tattoo design for girls.

27] Live Laugh Love Heart Tattoo: Love’s Embrace

Unique Loves Embrace Live Laugh Love Heart Tattoo design


Experience the essence of love and laughter as they intertwine in a beautifully shaped heart tattoo.

Let this design become a reminder to live, laugh, and love each day.

28] Forearm Tattoo for Women: Graceful Affection

Graceful Affection Forearm Tattoo


Celebrate the essence of femininity with our forearm tattoo design.

Gracefully displaying the mantra “Live, Laugh, Love,” this captivating artwork symbolizes strength, joy, and the power of embracing life.

29] Blooming Arm Live Laugh Love Tattoo: Floral Serenade

Floral Serenade Blooming Tattoo


The Blooming Arm Live Laugh Love Tattoo combines the uplifting message of Live, Love, Laugh with the beauty of blooming flowers.

This tattoo embodies the idea that life is a beautiful serenade filled with moments of joy and love.

The flowers represent growth, love, and the beauty that can blossom from a life well-lived.

It’s a tattoo that celebrates positivity, personal growth, and the enchanting melody of life.

30] Cursive Live Laugh Love: Underboob Beauty

Live laugh love as small lettering underboob tattoo


For a more discreet and intimate tattoo, consider Live Laugh Love as small lettering under the boob.

This placement is both sensual and meaningful, allowing you to carry the message close to your heart.

It’s a personal declaration to live life passionately, embrace laughter, and cherish the love in your heart.

31] Minimalist Shoulder Tattoo: Live Laugh Love Statement

Unique Minimalist Shoulder Tattoos For Females Live laugh love Statement


Turn your shoulder into a statement canvas with minimalist Live Laugh Love tattoos.

These three words hold a universe of significance, representing the essence of existence.

Their simplicity is striking, making a powerful impact and celebrating life’s most important values.

32] Live Laugh Love Finger Tattoos: Whimsical and Stylish

Live Laugh Love Tattoos Design for Fingers


If you are someone who is fond of putting accessories on your fingers, such as rings, these tattoo ideas will surely fascinate you.

With tattoos inked on fingers, you will not feel the need to put any ring on it.

It makes you look stylish and mysterious at the same time, as it does not easily show and increases the other person’s curiosity. 

33] Spine Nature Tattoo: Flower with Lettering

Spine Nature Tattoo Flower With Live Laugh Love Lettering


Nature and sentiment intertwine in a spine tattoo featuring flowers and Live Laugh Love lettering.

This design resonates with the harmony of life and the beauty of existence.

Positioned along your spine, it’s a whisper of encouragement that accompanies you on your journey.

34] Classy Live Love Laugh Rib Tattoo: Feminine Tale

'Live Love Laugh' Script Lettering Tattoo on the Rib: Feminine Rib Tale


Feminine flourish graces the rib with a lettering ‘Live Love Laugh’ script tattoo.

Each word adorns the ribcage with graceful curves, accentuating the natural contours of the female form.

This tattoo not only becomes a stylish piece of body art but also serves as a constant reminder to the wearer to live with passion, love unconditionally, and find joy in every moment.

35] Unique Lower Leg Tattoo: Plastic Bag Over Live Laugh Love Text

Unique Lower Leg Tattoo Plastic Bag Over Live Laugh Love Text


Uniqueness takes center stage with a Live Laugh Love tattoo on your lower leg.

This design, ingeniously depicting a plastic bag over the text, is a playful nod to life’s unexpected moments.

It symbolizes the impermanence of life and encourages you to find joy in the journey.

36] Girly Foot Lettering Tattoo: Unique Live Laugh Love Design

Girly Foot Lettering Tattoo Unique Live Laugh Love Design


Infuse your foot with girly charm through a unique Live Laugh Love tattoo.

These words, adorned with a touch of whimsy, reflect your joyful spirit and appreciation for life’s sweetness.

The ink adds a delightful accent to your foot, making each step a celebration.

37] Live Laugh Love Forearm Tattoo: Subtle Symbolism

Live Laugh Love Forearm Tattoos For Girls Subtle Symbolism


Embrace subtle symbolism with Live Laugh Love tattoos on your forearms.

These words resonate with universal truth, a call to embrace every moment with joy and love.

The forearm placement not only showcases your beliefs but also becomes a source of personal empowerment.

38] Classy Female Back of the Neck : Live Laugh Love Text Tattoo

Classy Female Back Of The Neck Live Laugh Love Text Tattoo 

Elegance graces the nape of your neck with a Live Laugh Love text tattoo.

These words, delicately inked, become a timeless mantra for embracing life’s joys.

The placement exudes femininity and serves as a gentle reminder to find beauty in each day.

39] Elegant Hand Tattoo: Live Love Laugh Inspirations

Live love laugh on the top of the hand


A Live Love Laugh tattoo on the top of the hand is a simple yet powerful statement.

Placed prominently where it’s easily visible, this tattoo serves as a daily reminder to embrace life to the fullest.

The message is clear: Live with intention, love unconditionally, and find joy in laughter.

It’s a minimalist and meaningful tattoo that reflects a positive and optimistic outlook on life.

40] Men’s Back of Neck Live Laugh Love Tattoo: Subtle and Sentimental

Mens Back Of Neck Live laugh love Tattoo Ideas Subtle And Sentimental


Embrace subtlety and sentimentality with a Live Laugh Love tattoo on the back of your neck.

This ink choice holds the power of a mantra, reminding you to live fully and cherish the moments that matter.

Its discreet placement adds a touch of personal reflection to your everyday life.

41] Above Elbow Tattoo: Vertical Beauty

Live laugh love vertically aligned above elbow tattoos for females 

For a unique twist on the classic Live Laugh Love tattoo, consider having it vertically aligned as an above-elbow tattoo.

This placement allows for a creative and elegant design that elongates the message.

The vertical orientation adds a sense of balance and symmetry, emphasizing the importance of living, laughing, and loving in a harmonious and mindful way.

42] Neck Tattoo Bliss: Live Laugh Love

Live laugh love on the back of the neck


Live Laugh Love tattooed on the back of the neck is a subtle yet meaningful choice.

This placement allows the message to be displayed when you wear your hair up, making it visible at times when you choose to reveal it.

The simplicity of the font and placement adds an element of elegance and understated beauty to the tattoo.

43] Live Laugh Love in Italics: Forearm Finesse

Live laugh love in italic font on the forearm


A Live Laugh Love tattoo in an italic font on the forearm is a bold and confident choice.

The italicized letters create a sense of movement and fluidity, emphasizing the dynamic nature of these three actions.

Placed on the forearm, it can be displayed proudly and serves as a constant reminder to live fully, find humor in life, and embrace love.

44] Classy Foot Tattoo: Live Laugh Love Text

Classy Foot Tattoo Live Laugh Love Text For Females


Infuse your foot with timeless elegance through a Live Laugh Love tattoo.

These words, elegantly scripted, add a touch of grace to your stride.

As you walk through life, this ink serves as a reminder to live, laugh, and love in every step you take.

45] Inner Forearm Live Laugh Love: Calligraphy Delight

Live laugh love in calligraphy on the inner forearm


A Live Laugh Love tattoo in calligraphy on the inner forearm is an artistic and expressive choice.

Calligraphy adds a touch of elegance and creativity to the design, turning the words into a work of art.

Placed on the inner forearm, it’s visible to you and those close to you, serving as a daily reminder to live with joy, laughter, and love.

46] Heartfelt Back Tattoo: Hearts and Sentiments

Live laugh love with heart tattoos


The heart signifies love, and what better than inking it with the quote, “live laugh love”? You can get the design inked on your back with big and bold letters.

These bold designs attract the attention of onlookers at a glance.

This gives you an overall boost to your personality, and designs like these are one of the best live-laugh love tattoo ideas.

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47] Bold Live Love Laugh Knee Tattoo: Knee Cap Serenity

Bold 'Live Love Laugh' Text Tattoo Above the Knee for a Unique Touch: Knee Cap Serenity


Elevate self-expression with a bold ‘Live Love Laugh’ text tattoo gracefully placed above the knee.

This impactful design ensures legibility when seated, offering a poignant reminder to embrace life.

The placement is both strategic and elegant, allowing the wearer to share an uplifting message effortlessly.

In a world of movement, this tattoo becomes a personal mantra that echoes positivity, making a strong statement about living fully and cherishing every moment.

48] Inside Forearm Live Laugh Love: Creative Canvas

Live laugh love inside forearm tattoo ideas


An Live Laugh Love tattoo on the inside forearm offers a prominent and expressive canvas.

The inside forearm is visible to you and others, making it an ideal placement for this message.

The tattoo can be customized with different fonts, styles, or decorative elements to reflect your unique personality and perspective on life.

49] Live Love Laugh Collarbone Tattoo: Harmony

'Live Love Laugh' Script Typography Lettering Tattoo: Collarbone Harmony


Grace your collarbone with a script typography ‘Live Love Laugh’ tattoo—a delicate yet powerful reminder to savor life’s joys.

This placement accentuates the collarbone’s natural curves, creating an alluring and visually striking composition.

The elegant script typography adds a touch of sophistication, transforming the collarbone into a canvas for meaningful expression.

This tattoo becomes a personal affirmation, subtly inviting others to share in the celebration of love and laughter.

50] Vertical Live Love Laugh Collarbone Tattoo: Charm

'Live Love Laugh' Tattoo with Each Word Placed Vertically: Collarbone Charm


Embrace word by word elegance with the ‘Live Love Laugh’ collarbone tattoo.

Each word finds its place delicately, creating a sophisticated and meaningful adornment.

The collarbone placement adds a touch of intimacy, making this tattoo a personal and stylish reminder to live life to the fullest, embrace love, and find joy in laughter.

51] Live Laugh Love Hand Tattoo with Flowers: Floral Accent

Unique Tattoos design for live laugh love with flowers on hand


Quotes tattoos are the perfect choice when you do not have any other designs in mind.

Live laugh love tattoos surrounded with flowers give you a bold look and make you the centre of attraction.

This kind of design needs a bigger surface area, so you can get it inked on your hands, thighs, or back to make the design look appealing and stylish. 

52] Outer Forearm Live ♡ Laugh ♡ Love Tattoo: Heartfelt Mantra

Outer Forearm 'Live ♡ Laugh ♡ Love' Tattoo with Red Heart Accents: Heartfelt Mantra


Harmony takes shape on the outer forearm with the ‘Live ♡ Laugh ♡ Love’ script lettering tattoo.

Between ‘Live’ and ‘Laugh,’ as well as ‘Laugh’ and ‘Love,’ delicate red outline hearts punctuate the mantra.

This design not only speaks to the essence of positive living but also incorporates the symbolism of love, creating a visually appealing and heartfelt expression on the canvas of the forearm.

53] Minimal Live Laugh Love Inner Wrist Tattoo: Bliss

Live Laugh Love Tattoo on the Inner Wrist in a Minimalist Style: Minimal Bliss


Discover the essence of ‘live laugh love’ in a minimalistic tattoo on the inner wrist.

This subtle design encapsulates the profound message in a small, elegant script, making a quiet yet impactful statement.

The inner wrist placement ensures personal visibility, allowing you to carry these guiding words with you every day.

54] Live Love Laugh Butterfly Tattoo: Fluttering Wisdom

'Live Love Laugh' Script Lettering Tattoo with Butterfly Accent: Fluttering Wisdom


Harmonize the arm and shoulder with a live laugh love script lettering tattoo adorned with a delicate butterfly.

This intricately designed piece captures the essence of positivity and transformation.

The script lettering flows gracefully along the arm and shoulder, creating a visually captivating composition.

The addition of a butterfly adds a symbolic touch, representing the beauty of change and the freedom to embrace a life filled with laughter and love.

55] Live Laugh Love Forearm Tattoo: Arm Euphoria

'Live Laugh Love' Lettering Tattoo on the Forearm: Arm Euphoria


Elegance meets expression with a ‘Live Laugh Love’ text tattoo adorning the forearm.

The lettering, clean and distinct, becomes a stylish accessory that you carry with you.

Placing it on the forearm allows for easy visibility, turning your arm into a canvas for a mantra that resonates.

This tattoo is not just an artful addition but a daily reminder to live with passion, find joy in every moment, and cherish the love that surrounds you.

56] Live Laugh Love Font Wrist Tattoo: Elegance

Live Laugh Love Font Tattoo on the Inner Wrist: Wrist Elegance


Express the mantra of joy and positivity with a Live Laugh Love font tattoo delicately placed on the inner wrist.

The text lettering, executed with finesse, serves as a daily reminder to embrace life’s moments.

57] Live Love Laugh Back of Neck: Eternal Unity

Eternal Unity Live Love Laugh Back of Neck Tattoos for Women


Embrace the power of eternal unity with our Live Love Laugh tattoo design, delicately inked on the back of your neck.

This meaningful artwork symbolizes a life filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.

58] Black Ink Live Laugh Love Neck Tattoo: Nape Wisdom

Black Ink Live Laugh Love Tattoo on the Back of the Neck: Nape Wisdom


Make a statement with a black ink Live Laugh Love tattoo, beautifully scripted on the back of the neck.

This tattoo exudes sophistication and style, combining the power of meaningful words with the grace of script lettering.

It’s a timeless choice for those who seek a fusion of elegance and personal philosophy in their body art.

59] Small Live Laugh Love Ankle Tattoo: Serenity

Small Live Laugh Love Tattoo Above the Ankle: Ankle Serenity 

Embrace simplicity and positivity with a small script lettering tattoo that reads Live Laugh Love, delicately placed above the ankle.

This subtle yet powerful design serves as a personal motto, capturing the essence of a joyful life.

The ankle placement allows for versatility, enabling you to reveal or conceal this inspiring message as you choose. It’s a timeless reminder to find joy in every step of life’s journey.

60] Live Laugh Love with Birds on Arm and Shoulder: Harmony

Live Laugh Love Text with Birds on Arm and Shoulder: Harmony and Flight


Incorporate artistry into your life philosophy with a Live Laugh Love text lettering tattoo adorned with two birds, gracing your arm and shoulder.

This design combines the elegance of script lettering with the symbolism of birds in flight. Placed on the arm and shoulder, it creates a harmonious and visually striking composition.

The birds represent freedom, while the text reinforces the importance of embracing life with joy and laughter—an artful celebration of positivity.

61] Live Laugh Love Script Hip Tattoo: Affirmation

Live Laugh Love Script Lettering Tattoo for Females: Hip Affirmation 

Grace your hip with a timeless expression of positivity — a ‘live laugh love’ tattoo in elegant script lettering.

The cursive letters add a touch of femininity, creating an intimate and personal piece of body art that encapsulates the essence of living, laughing, and loving.

62] Outer Forearm Live Laugh Love in Bold: Forearm Statement

Outer Forearm Live Laugh Love Tattoo in Bold Ink: Forearm Statement


Wear your life philosophy boldly on your outer forearm with a ‘live laugh love’ tattoo in bold black ink.

This prominent placement ensures your message is visible, allowing the world to witness your commitment to a life filled with joy and love.

The black ink adds a touch of timelessness to the lettering, making it a classic and enduring piece of body art that resonates with the simplicity and depth of these three powerful words.

63] Calligraphy Live Laugh Love Tattoo: Artful Expression

Unique Live laugh love tattoo design


There is no other way to be loud with your beliefs than to get a tattoo.

Calligraphy tattoos have been in vogue for the longest time, and it still attracts tattoo enthusiasts.

The free-flowing pattern and easy readability of the script make it one of the favourites among people.

Live laugh love tattoos in calligraphy make it the perfect choice for people who want to look classy.

64] Live Laugh Love Below Elbow: Lower Arm Wisdom

Live Laugh Love Lettering Tattoo Below the Elbow: Lower Arm Wisdom


Experience subtle elegance with a ‘live laugh love’ tattoo placed below the elbow.

The graceful arc of the lettering adds a touch of sophistication to this mantra, emphasizing the beauty of simplicity.

This location strikes a balance between visibility and subtlety, allowing the words to serve as a personal reminder without overpowering your overall aesthetic.

It’s an understated yet powerful declaration of the values that guide your life.

FAQ on Live Laugh Love Tattoo

What is the Live Laugh Love Tattoos Significance? 

Small Live Laugh Love Tattoo Design on the Shoulder

Live laugh love is essentially a motivational phrase whose origin dates back to the early 1900s. The phrase is actually an abridged version taken from the 1904 poem by Bessie Anderson Stanley’s ” Success”.

The poet, through his poem, has tried to tell his readers that one who has lived well, laughed more often, and loved more has achieved success. 

The phrase has become popular since then, advocating the people about the ways they should lead their lives in just a few words. Since then, it has been one of the most widely used motivational quotes. 

What is the Live Laugh Love Tattoos Meaning? 

Live laugh love is a catchy phrase that means one should live their life on their terms, laugh off at the problems and difficult situations that they encounter, and spread love to its maximum.

It means that one should be cheerful and determined even in times of sorrow and mis happenings. It is true one cannot change their past, but it is futile to think about it and ruin your present as well. 

Living life to the fullest, loving all human beings and animals alike, and laughing more often is the motto to lead a happier and more peaceful life which everyone should apply. 

Does It Get Hurt to Get Live Laugh Love Tattoos? 

This is one of the most important concerns that bothers many tattoo enthusiasts. If you already have had a tattoo in the past, you might be aware of the pain, but for beginners, it is a bothering question. 

The honest answer is Yes! Getting a live laugh love tattoo does hurt, but the intensity of the pain depends on where you want to get inked.

If you get a tattoo on your arms or legs, it is going to hurt a little less, whereas if you are getting inked on your neck or fingers, it might test your tolerance. 

What Are the Best Body Placements for Getting Live Laugh Love Tattoos? 

Cool Live Laugh Love Lower Neck Tattoo for Female

There are no specific rules as to which body part you should get a live laugh love tattoo. It completely depends on the wearer’s preference and their choice of visibility for tattoos. 

However, the classic choices for getting live laugh love tattoos are arms, legs, ankles, back of the neck, etc., and are preferred by most tattoo wearers. 

Recently there has been a growing trend of getting tattoos on fingers, ankles, and behind the ear.

Many celebs can also be spotted with live-laugh love tattoos in unique places, making them more trendy and stylish. 

What Should Be the Size of Your Live Laugh Love Tattoo Design? 

The size of your tattoo can make or break its appearance, so it is important to choose the perfect size to make it look appealing.

The size of the live laugh love tattoo ideas depends on which part of the body you are getting inked. 

For instance, if you are going to get a tattoo on a body part that has a bigger surface area, you can go for a large live-laugh love tattoo design.

But, if you are getting a tattoo on an area that has a smaller surface area, it is better to go for a smaller live-laugh love tattoo design.

Otherwise, the design might not look clear and would look chaotic.

What Are the Trendy Live Laugh Love Tattoos Designs? 

Live Laugh Love Tattoos Design in Running Cursive Letters

There are several trendy designs available for live-laugh love tattoos. The popular quote is inked with Roman or Italic fonts and sometimes added certain objects with it, such as butterflies or stars, to make it more appealing. You can even add another quote to go with it.


Live laugh love tattoo ideas are one of the most popular choices among tattoo enthusiasts when it comes to script tattoos.

They are a classy option for those looking for unique tattoo ideas. The quote is a powerful message who are lost or are confused about how to lead their lives.

The quote is a reminder that we have to stay strong, laugh often and live in the present. So choose the best live laugh love tattoo design for your body decoration and ask your artist to give it to make it even more unique.

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