40+ Best Laughing Buddha Tattoo Ideas

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Inking tattoos on the different body parts of human beings is an ancient thing, and people have done it since the beginning of civilization.

Nowadays, people are going to any extent to have some trendy tattoos on their visible parts, including butterflies, buddha tattoos, star tattoos, name tattoos, and more.

And here we are sharing the most trending laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

Personalities like movie celebrities, sportspersons, fashion designers, bodybuilders, etc., have encouraged the tattoo-inking trend by making tattoos on their bodies.

Most people follow these big names and take them as inspiration, so they try to imitate them.

They love to ink the tattoos as their loved personalities do, and many people love to express their views and thoughts and also something that they are not able to express in words.

People love to ink pictures of their idols, god, and loved ones.

They also ink special symbols of their religion which shows that they belong to that community. Laughing Buddha tattoos are one of the best designs which are going on a trend.

Many people prefer to ink laughing buddha tattoos on their forearms, neck, shoulders, and other parts of their body.

Professional tattoo artists also give their best to ink the tattoos of laughing buddha of different shades, sizes, and colors.

If you are in the mood to ink the laughing buddha tattoos, then read the full article.

We have sorted the best laughing buddha tattoo Ideas, which have a distinct meaning and can grab anyone’s attention at a glance.

Table of Contents

44 Best Laughing Buddha Tattoo Ideas with meaning

Ultimate Collections of the Best Laughing Buddha Tattoo Ideas

1] Seated Laughing Buddha: Serene Wisdom

Outliner seated posture laughing buddha image


This is the most simple and beautiful tattoo, which is going to be perfect when you ink this tattoo in your hand.

The laughing face of the buddha can help you to maintain the smile on your face and doubles your joy of living.

This is the best sitting laughing buddha tattoo design.

2] Laughing Buddha Upper Arm Tattoo: Detailed Joy

Realistic Laughing Buddha Upper Arm Tattoo for Men Detailed Artistry and Joyful Symbolism


A realistic Laughing Buddha tattoo on the upper arm is a masterpiece of detailed artistry and joyful symbolism.

This design captures the essence of the Laughing Buddha’s infectious laughter and embodies positive energy.

Show your appreciation for art and spirituality with a realistic Laughing Buddha tattoo, symbolizing joy, luck, and enlightenment.

3] Simple and Symbolic Buddha: Forearm Tattoo

laughing buddha forearm tattoo for men simple and symbolic


Embrace simple and symbolic beauty with a laughing Buddha forearm tattoo.

This design encapsulates the essence of joy and wisdom, a visual embodiment of the laughing Buddha’s teachings.

An ink that speaks volumes in its simplicity.

4] Colorful Bicep Buddha Tattoo: Vibrant Symbolism

colorful traditional bicep laughing buddha tattoo for men vibrant symbolism


Infuse vibrant symbolism into your skin with a colorful bicep laughing Buddha tattoo.

This ink choice radiates joy and positivity, capturing the spirit of the laughing Buddha.

A vibrant reminder of life’s beauty.

5] Laughing Buddha with Om Symbol Tattoo: Spiritual Harmony

Laughing Buddha with Om Symbol Forearm Tattoo Spiritual Harmony and Universal Consciousness


Combine Laughing Buddha with the Om symbol in a forearm tattoo to represent spiritual harmony and universal consciousness.

The Laughing Buddha embodies joy, while the Om symbol signifies the interconnectedness of all things.

This tattoo serves as a reminder of the unity of body, mind, and spirit, guiding you towards a state of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

6] Dark-Shaded Baby Buddha: Innocence & Joy

Dark Shaded Baby Laughing Buddha


Dark shaded Baby laughing buddha signifies the stressful and happy life of the individual.

Baby laughing buddha gives the message to live a life full of wisdom without any tension.

You can also customize the color according to your choice.

7] B&W Partially Shaded Buddha: Timeless Simplicity

Outliner trinity angel with double gun tattoos with image


Hand raised laughing buddha partially shaded laughing buddha tattoo is the best article if you are looking for a simple and shaded tattoo.

You can also add the date of your birthday, and in the garland of the laughing buddha, you can insert your birth time.

This is a very peculiar tattoo because very few people engraved their birth dates in their tattoos.

8] Laughing Buddha with Lotus Flower Hand Tattoo: Symbolic Purity

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Laughing Buddha with Lotus Flower Hand Tattoo Symbolic Purity and Awakening


Combining Laughing Buddha and lotus flower creates a powerful symbol of spiritual awakening.

The lotus represents purity and enlightenment, while the Buddha symbolizes joy and contentment.

A Laughing Buddha tattoo with a lotus flower on your hand serves as a reminder to embrace purity of thought and action, guiding you on your path to self-realization.

9] Crowned Chest Tattoo: Royal Blessings of Buddha

Laughing Buddha with Crown Chest Tattoo Royal Blessings and Inner Wisdom


A Laughing Buddha tattoo with a crown on the chest represents royal blessings and inner wisdom.

The crown symbolizes authority and divine knowledge, while the Laughing Buddha embodies joy and wisdom.

This tattoo signifies the harmonious union of spiritual and worldly abundance, reminding you to embrace your inner wisdom and lead a life filled with joy and prosperity.

10] Colorful Full Arm Buddha: Vibrant Enlightenment

Colorful Full Arm Laughing Buddha Tattoo


If you are in the mood to ink a bigger and more colorful tattoo, then this Colorful Full Arm laughing buddha tattoo is going to be perfect for you.

Its colorful design indicates the person’s colorful life and helps you to keep a smile on your face no matter what the life situation is.

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11] Long Eared Laughing Buddha: Embracing Wisdom

Long Eared Laughing Buddha Tattoo


Long-eared laughing buddha is the best Tattoo to ink on the dorsal side of your palm.

The big ear of the laughing buddha represents the person’s wisdom, which can help you gain wisdom and unlock your inner power.

There are the best laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

12] Black and Grey Forearm Tattoo: Meaningful Buddha

black and grey male meaningful laughing buddha forearm tattoo


Immerse in profound symbolism with a black and grey meaningful laughing Buddha forearm tattoo.

This ink captures the depths of the laughing Buddha’s wisdom, creating an art piece that’s rich in meaning.

13] Buddha with Lotus Flower: Spiritual Purity

Buddha Tattoo With Lotus Flower


Buddha tattoo design with lotus flower holds a very interesting meaning.

It is considered to be one of the meaningful laughing buddha tattoo designs.

A lotus blooms into a beautiful flower despite its muddy and dirty surroundings.

Most Buddha pictures depict him sitting on a Lotus flower, lost in deep meditation.

The laughing Buddha on top of a Lotus flower signifies mental development and calmness even in times of chaos and unfavorable conditions.

14] Below Elbow Buddha Tattoo: Subtle Elegance

below the elbow laughing buddha tattoo for female subtle elegance


A Laughing Buddha tattoo below the elbow is a unique and creative way to incorporate this traditional symbol of joy and prosperity into your body art.

It represents the importance of finding happiness in everyday life and reminds you to laugh through the ups and downs.

This tattoo is sure to catch the eye and bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

15] Quirky Long-Eared Laughing Buddha: Playful Charm

Long Eared Laughing Buddha With a Mustache


This is another good-looking tattoo of long-eared laughing buddha Tattoos with a mustache.

You have seen the laughing buddha tattoo, but not with a mustache.

These are among the few laughing tattoos with a mustache and can steal your heart with their beauty and simplicity.

This is the best sitting laughing buddha tattoo design.

16] Bold Outline Laughing Buddha: Defined Serenity

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Laughing Buddha Tattoo Design With Black Outline


Going with just the outline design of the laughing buddha is the best option for minimal tattoo enthusiasts.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, these small laughing buddha tattoo designs will work the best for you.

17] Buddha Stomach Tattoo: Spiritual Serenity

laughing buddha upper stomach tattoo for men spiritual serenity


Discover spiritual serenity with a laughing Buddha tattoo on your upper stomach. This ink invokes a sense of tranquility, a reminder of embracing laughter and inner peace.

An art that resonates with wisdom and calmness.

18] Gold Chain Buddha Tattoo: Symbol of Prosperity

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Designs With Gold Chain


Laughing buddha signifies prosperity, success, and happiness in life.

A laughing buddha with a gold chain implies fortune, never-ending wealth, and happiness.

If you want to attract lots of wealth and prosperity to your life, this tattoo design will be an apt choice for you.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a design of a laughing buddha tattoo on hand.

19] Simple Wrist Buddha: Personal Joy Reminders

Simple Laughing Buddha Tattoo on wrist


The Simple Laughing Buddha Tattoo on wrist is a minimalistic yet charming design that can bring joy and positivity to your life.

It is a perfect choice for those who prefer subtle and elegant tattoos.

This small but powerful symbol is sure to uplift your spirits and attract compliments from others.

20] Red Seated Laughing Buddha: Vitality and Luck

Red Themed Seated Posture Laughing Buddha Tattoo


Red themed seated posture laughing buddha tattoo is perfect if you want to ink a colored-themed tattoo based on a specific color.

You can customize the color according to yourself and also change its size. It can be the best laughing fat buddha tattoo.

21] Laughing Buddha with Mandala Art: Spiritual Enlightenment

Laughing Buddha with Mandala Art Design Spiritual Enlightenment and Beauty


Laughing Buddha tattoos with mandala art represent spiritual enlightenment and inner beauty.

The mandala symbolizes balance and harmony, making it a perfect match for the joyful Buddha figure.

Get a Laughing Buddha tattoo with mesmerizing mandala patterns to embrace both inner and outer transformation.

22] Geometric Laughing Buddha: Modern Spirituality

Laughing Buddha Tattoo With Geometric Shapes


The geometric signs, such as tattoos, were tied to religious and spiritual practices in the ancient era.

But with the changing times, the meaning of these shapes changed into symmetry, balance, mystery, and intelligence.

Geometric shapes coupled with Buddha signify a person’s patient and mystical nature and temperament.

23] Lower Leg Buddha Tattoo Ideas: Spiritual Journey

mens lower leg laughing buddha tattoo ideas spiritual journey


Embark on a journey of spirituality with men’s lower leg laughing Buddha tattoo ideas.

These designs encapsulate the essence of the laughing Buddha’s teachings, a reminder of joy and wisdom.

An ink that accompanies your spiritual path.

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24] Half Sleeve Laughing Buddha Tattoo: Artful Expression

Test the look with temporary tattoos
half sleeve arm laughing buddha tattoo for men artful expression


Unleash your artful expression through a half sleeve arm laughing Buddha tattoo.

This design turns your arm into a canvas of serenity and joy, celebrating the essence of laughter.

An ink that showcases your profound beliefs.

25] Edgy Laughing Buddha: Striking Symbolism

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Designs With Sharp Edges


Nowadays, people are more attracted to unique and unusual designs.

If you are scared to add colors to your tattoos, feeling they look a little extra, you can choose designs that are different from other tattoos without going overboard.

These are the best laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

26] Laughing Buddha with AUM: Harmony & Laughter

Laughing Buddha Tattoo With Aum


Laughing Buddha with OM tattoo is another peculiar design you can ink in your forehand.

OM is also a very important value in the Hindus, and if you believe in Hinduism and love Laughing buddha, you can go for this tattoo.

This is the best laughing fat buddha tattoo.

27] Timeless Happiness Buddha: Year-Design Fusion

Laughing buddha tattoo with year design image


If you want to ink an important year on your body, you can go for such laughing buddha tattoo designs that have a year imprinted on them.

You can choose to ink your birthdate or any other significant number that is special to you.

There are the best laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

28] Bold-Colored Laughing Buddha Tattoo Design: Dynamic Joy

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Design With Bold Colors


If you love experimenting, you can go for the bold-color tattoo.

It expresses optimism, variety, and cheerfulness. Bold colors signify one’s risk-taking abilities amid difficulties.

Every color holds a different meaning.

You can choose colors according to your personality and preference.

This is the best laughing fat buddha tattoo.

29] Covered Features Buddha Tattoo: Inner Serenity

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Laughing Buddha Tattoo Design With Eyes, Ears and Mouth Covered  


Laughing buddha covering their eyes, ears, and mouth is a common sight that you might come across and is mostly used for Feng Shui purposes.

It gives a social message to the people that we should not bad-mouth others, nor tolerate any bad around us, and listen badly to others.

If you abide by these teachings, you can get it inked in your body.

30] Classy Neck Tattoo: Laughing Buddha’s Grace

classy laughing buddha below female neck tattoo spiritual grace


Evoke spiritual grace with a classy laughing Buddha tattoo below your neck.

This ink choice adds a touch of elegance to your neckline, reflecting your reverence for the Buddha’s wisdom.

A mark of spiritual connection.

31] Laughing Buddha Arm Tattoo: Growth and Enlightenment

Realistic Laughing Buddha Upper Arm Tattoo with Lotus Growth and Enlightenment


Combine the realism of a Laughing Buddha tattoo with the symbolism of the lotus flower on your upper arm.

This tattoo represents growth, enlightenment, and the journey towards inner peace.

The Lotus, rising gracefully from muddy waters, signifies the ability to overcome obstacles and reach spiritual enlightenment.

Let this powerful combination inspire personal growth and illuminate your path to self-discovery.

32] Laughing Buddha Baby Face Tattoos: Symbols of Happiness

Laughing Buddha Baby Face Tattoos


If you want a smiling tattoo, then you can replace the laughing buddha tattoo with a baby buddha version.

It signifies the person’s childlike nature and affection for children, specifically toddlers.

These are the best laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

33] Laughing Buddha and Dragon Stomach Tattoo: Wisdom and Power

Laughing Buddha and Dragon Stomach Tattoo Wisdom and Power Combined


Unleash your wisdom and power with a striking Laughing Buddha and dragon tattoo on your stomach.

The dragon, symbolizing strength and wisdom, complements the joy and enlightenment represented by the Laughing Buddha.

This tattoo showcases the harmonious fusion of wisdom and power within you, making a bold and captivating statement.

34] Boxed Buddha Tattoo: Capturing Blessings

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Designs in a Box


A tattoo inside a box looks much more polished and sophisticated.

If you want to get a tattoo of many things, then it is a nice idea to keep certain elements in the box, as shown in the picture.

You can even add bold text or other flower designs along with the laughing buddha.

35] Laughing Buddha Wrist Tattoo: Subtle Happiness Reminder

Simple Laughing Buddha Wrist Tattoo Subtle Reminder of Happiness


A simple Laughing Buddha design on your wrist is a discreet and constant reminder of happiness.

This minimalist approach allows you to carry positivity wherever you go.

The wrist placement is versatile, making it easy to show off or hide your tattoo as you prefer.

Let the laughter of the Buddha bring joy to your life through this subtle symbol.

36] Laughing Buddha Stomach Tattoo: Abundance and Fortune

Laughing Buddha Stomach Tattoo for Men Abundance and Good Fortune


A Laughing Buddha tattoo on the stomach represents abundance and good fortune.

The Buddha’s jovial expression radiates positive energy, attracting prosperity into your life.

This tattoo serves as a constant reminder to embrace a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Adorn your stomach with the Laughing Buddha, and let his contagious laughter bring blessings and prosperity your way.

37] Single-Lined Seated Buddha: Minimalist Serenity

Test the look with temporary tattoos
Single Lined Simple Seated Laughing Buddha


The single-lined, seated, laughing buddha tattoo is the best and most simple one.

This is a single-line Tattoo.

It shows the wisdom and simplicity of the common man. This is the best outline laughing buddha tattoo.

38] Gorgeous Neck Tattoo: Serenity with Laughing Buddha

Gorgeous Neck Tattoo Laughing Buddha Design Serenity and Spiritual Connection


Adorn the back of your neck with a gorgeous Laughing Buddha tattoo, symbolizing serenity and spiritual connection.

This placement allows you to showcase your tattoo easily or keep it concealed when desired.

The Laughing Buddha’s serene expression serves as a reminder to find inner peace and forge a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

39] Meaningful Thigh Tattoo: Spiritual Reflection

meaningful laughing buddha mens thigh tattoo spiritual reflection


Delve into spiritual reflection with a meaningful laughing Buddha thigh tattoo.

This design echoes the essence of the laughing Buddha’s wisdom, inviting contemplation and growth.

An ink that resonates with the soul.

40] Colorful Laughing Buddha Tattoo: Burst of Vibrant Energy

Colourful Laughing Buddha Tattoo


If you want to add a cute element to your tattoo, then you can replace the laughing buddha face with the face of a baby.

It signifies the person’s childlike nature and affection for children, specifically toddlers.

41] Full Sleeve Buddha Tattoo: Whimsical Artistry

full sleeve smiling buddha tattoo for girls whimsical artistry


The Smiling Buddha, also known as the Laughing Buddha or Budai, is a symbol of joy, contentment, and prosperity.

When inked as a full sleeve, it allows for creative artistry, incorporating various elements such as flowers, clouds, or symbols of luck and happiness.

This tattoo embodies a sense of joy and whimsy, reminding the wearer to find happiness and contentment in life’s simple pleasures.

It’s a unique and playful expression of spirituality and positivity.

42] Dark Shaded Raised Buddha Hand: Blessings Abound

Dark Shaded Hand Raised Laughing Buddha Tattoo


Dark shaded Hand raised laughing buddha tattoo is a very attractive and attention-grab tattoo present in this list.

This is the best B&W and dark-shaded Tattoo that can double the happiness in your life, and people feel astonished when they see this Tattoo over your body.

43] Outlined Laughing Buddha and Fudog Tattoo: Full Leg Coverage

Full Leg Coverage with Outlined Laughing Buddha and Fudog Tattoos: Harmony Ensemble


Embark on a journey of mastery with a fully leg-covered tattoo featuring the outlines of Laughing Buddha and Fudog.

This intricate design spans from the side of the thigh, gracefully embracing the contours, down to the lower leg.

Laughing Buddha symbolizes joy, while Fudog embodies protection—creating a harmonious balance of positivity and strength.

44] Bold Lines Laughing Buddha Tattoo: Calf Confidence

Calf Tattoo Featuring Strong Outlines of the Laughing Buddha: Bold Serenity


Confidently showcase spiritual enlightenment with a Laughing Buddha tattoo outlined in bold lines on the calf.

This minimalist yet powerful design emphasizes the iconic features of the Laughing Buddha, from the infectious smile to the ample belly symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

The calf placement ensures visibility and offers a dynamic canvas for a bold expression of your spiritual beliefs.

This tattoo becomes a striking and meaningful adornment, celebrating the joyous spirit of life embodied by the Laughing Buddha.

Realistic Laughing Buddha Tattoos Video

FAQ on Laughing Buddha Tattoos

What Does Laughing Buddha Symbolize?

Ultimate Collections of the Best Laughing Buddha Tattoo Ideas

Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and joy. People see him as a sign of vitality, prosperity, and good luck.

Laughing Buddha wants to give a message with his smile that you must remain in equanimity in any good or worse bad situations of life and also gives the motivation to live life more joyfully.

Why Should I Get a Laughing Buddha Tattoo?

The biggest reason to get the Laughing Buddha tattoo is that laughing buddha signifies happiness and joy. This tattoo will help you in bringing your lost fortune and happiness back into your life.

Laughing buddha tattoos help to keep you energized in your system and also eliminate all sorrows and pain of your life. It gives a lesson no matter what the life situation is; you have to keep a gentle smile on your face.

How will I Choose the Best Laughing Tattoo?

meaningful laughing buddha mens thigh tattoo spiritual reflection

Choosing the best laughing Tattoo for you all depends on you because there are many things to look at before inking the tattoo.

The most important thing is the body parts on which you are going to ink the tattoo, and the design of the tattoo and the size and color all depends on your decision.

You can also see the Tattoos of different design, color, and size in this article. You can choose the best design from the given below list of tattoos.

What Are the Different Types of Laughing Buddha Tattoos?

There are three types of Laughing buddha tattoos named Laughing buddha, the monk, the Traveller, and the happy laughing buddha.

In Laughing Buddha The Monk, you can see the calm pose of the laughing buddha.

Traveller laughing buddha shows the laughing buddha travelling somewhere carrying a sack, and in the happy laughing buddha, you can see the happy face of the laughing buddha. 

Who is Laughing Buddha?

Laughing Buddha Baby Face Tattoos

Laughing Buddha was a Buddhist zen monk who lived in China 100 years ago. He is known for his fattier tummy and his laugh. He is different from all other monks because he often laughs whole heartily throughout his life.

Laughing Buddha wants people to give a reminder that throughout life, you must keep a smile on your face in any circumstances. Laughing Buddha is also known as Maitreya Buddha (future buddha) after the Gautama Buddha and is considered one of the seven gods of fortune.

Do Laughing Buddha tattoos bring good luck?

While Laughing Buddha tattoos are often associated with good luck and prosperity, their true significance lies in their ability to remind individuals to cultivate joy, contentment, and a positive outlook on life.

Can Laughing Buddha tattoos be combined with other symbols?

Yes, Laughing Buddha tattoos can be combined with various symbols to create a personalized design.

Popular combinations include lotus flowers, dragons, om symbols, and mandalas. The choice of symbols depends on personal preference and the desired meaning behind the tattoo.


Tattoos have held significant meaning since the old times.

The only difference is that initially, it was used for religious and spiritual purposes, but now it is to express one’s personal beliefs and preferences.

Meaningful laughing buddha tattoo designs mentioned above are the apt choices for ones who believe that laughing buddha brings prosperity, ample good luck, and happiness in their lives.

We hope that the article proves to be beneficial for you in choosing the best laughing buddha tattoo ideas.

If it does, then do not shy away from sharing these trending laughing buddha tattoo ideas with your loved ones.

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